How To Train Your Dog Using A Collar That Detects Vibration

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A dog care training collar is just a small piece of equipment that can make controlling your dog much easier. These collars come in two basic styles, either electronic or static. The electronic ones require that a signal is sent through a small wire to a receiver that in turn registers the signal. The static collar only requires that a low voltage be used to set off the alarm.

The dog collars with a built in receiver generally have a lot more options than those without a receiver. The built in units come with a transmitter and a waterproof receiver and usually have a battery life that will allow you to use it for several days before having to change it out. Most models offer an adjustable level on the Dog Care Training Collar to allow you to start off at zero and then increase the correction level as your dog responds. It really all depends on your dog and what you both want to accomplish.

features Of Dog Training Collar

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Another great feature to look for when shopping for a dog training collar is the many different shapes and sizes. Many dog enthusiasts prefer a more box like shape for their dog training system. This can make them much more portable and give them a chance to run around and play without the neck strap. While shapes do come in most any size, if you need a custom shape it may be necessary to order your dog training system from an online retailer. Once you have decided on a shape, the internet is the best place to go to find your model. Make sure to measure your dog correctly to ensure that you order the proper size and fit.

A common feature to many dog collars is the ability to expand. These types of collars are made to be expandable and can grow or contract to fit the needs of your dog as they get older. While these features may sound great, you may want to consider how often you will be using your expandable collars and whether or not you may want to change your mind after your purchase. These collars can start off small and work up to very large, but ultimately you will want to determine if they are something you will use on a daily basis.

Types Of Training Aid

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The other main type of training aid that you can buy is the dog barking prevention training collar. This device works by producing a high pitched sound whenever your dog starts barking. When this sound is heard your pet will either stop what he is doing and simply listen to the sound or he will attempt to figure out why he is being interrupted. Many people utilize this type of training collar for several reasons.

Reasons To Use Collar

One of the main reasons people use this type of collar is to control their dogs when they are away from home. The problem with many dogs is that when you leave the house they tend to become a little restless. If this is left unattended for any period of time the dog can become completely restless and be in a state of panic. This will then result in more barking which can get on your nerves. With the adjustable remote control you can keep your dog from becoming overly restless without you having to get out of your own way. Most of these units can be left on at all times while you are away so they will give your dog the extra sleep he needs.

You can also get a collar with a vibrate feature if you would like to be able to train your dog without having to use a remote control. Vibrations are a proven training technique that has worked for many people. When a dog is startled by something he usually reacts by getting scared and this causes him to bark. When a dog is vibrated by a vibration it only gets excited for the very short moment and the vibration stops when the dog calms down.


The drawback of these types of collars is that some dogs do not respond well to vibration. A better method to train your dog is to use a shock that sends a vibration through his body. This type of stimulation has been found to be more effective than vibration alone. It is also safer than using a remote control.

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