Useful Military Dog Accessories

military dog accessories

The most important military dog accessories are tactical collars. Here are the best ones described.

K9 Collar Military Dog Collar

Jiepai made this tactical dog collar with a two-layer 1000D nylon with a soft inner lining. This product is available in four colors and can come in a length of 19.3 inches to 26 inches.

This length makes it designed for dog owners of medium to large breeds. These materials make it easy to clean when needed too. For adjusting purposes, it comes with a durable two-pin buckle with the five points available on the collar. Owners can attach an ID or a leash onto the D-ring collar before walking the dog. A patch can be applied onto it through the velcro part at the back too. Overall, these features make this collar an excellent accessory for your dog along with a tactical backpack!

Miles Tactical Cobra Dog Collar

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German Shepherds and Pitbulls can fit this product by Miles as it fits bigger breeds such as them. It has a width of 1.75″ with a wide coyote brown webbing and military-spec nylon. These materials ensure that the item is durable enough. It is fitted with two different rings to attach a leash and a dog tag separately. Aside from those features, it fits onto large breeds due to its attached Austrialpin Cobra buckle that can withstand 4,000 pounds of force. The included cloth handle helps owners grab onto these dogs safely too.

Finally, it has an area made of loop material where any owner can attach additional patches for identification.


Another tactical dog collar that owners can get for their dogs is this model by Excellent Elite Spanker. They used two layers of nylon material, soft padded lining, and neat stitching.

Aside from that, it includes its own D-ring and magic sticker panel. The D-ring allows the owner to attach a dog leash to help control the pet. Meanwhile, the magic sticker enables it to hold patches for identification. Unlike the earlier model mentioned before, this can fit medium-sized to large-sized dogs. It also makes use of a two-pin buckle design with five adjustable points and makes use of an elastic band to prevent the dog from ripping the extra material off. Its uniquely simple design helps the dog be able to lie down comfortably without it interfering.

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

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The OneTigris Tactical dog collar is one of their simple models. They include a hook and loop panel to make it easy to add a name, ID, or morale patch onto it. In addition to these features, a thick, soft cushion inner lining and a thick nylon strap make the collar durable and comfortable. The included double-pin metal buckle tops off its simple design. Depending on your preference, there are five available points on the collar that the fastener can secure itself to accommodate your pet’s neck. That way, owners can adjust the collar to fit their dogs well. Paired with a heavy-duty metal D-ring, this can enable owners to attach a durable leash to help them control their dogs when walking around with them.

These are the best military dog collars you can consider investing in.

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