Tough Dog Toys That Are Dishwasher Safe

tough dog toys

You’re not alone. A lot of pet owners have tried and discarded hundreds of chewable dog toys over the years. Vets told me that most of them simply went through them quickly, only to discover that they were shredded almost instantly. Some even passed them on to their children and grandchildren! They often come back to me asking how they can find real tough dog toys again.

Finding Best Tough Dog Toys

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If you’re in the market for some really tough dog toys for your dog, make sure they are made of durable rubber. Many of the toys made of rubber will last a good while, but there are some aggressive chewers who will chew anything and everything within reach. My old dog would tear up anything she could get her teeth into, including socks and shoes. She wasn’t content until I had to shell out big bucks to replace whatever it was she chewed into! There’s something you need to look out for when shopping for these types of durable dog toys.

I’d also recommend buying the bigger size (the ones with more pieces). We had a friend whose Doberman had a problem with chewing anything he could get his teeth into. His problem got worse when he tried to eat doughnuts with a max 50 ring. It was literally cutting his mouth to shreds!

Looking For Dog Squeaker Toys

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If you’re looking for dog squeaker toys for more aggressive chewers, you should look into some of the options that Power-Chewing Pups has to offer. Their line includes a couple of different types of squeakers. One is a snap on squeaky which is perfect for the dogs that like to start a fight or go to the bathroom in your house!

The other option is a more traditional rubber squeaker. This one is truly indestructible and comes with an extra rubber bumper to give it added durability. It also comes with two chew sticks that can be used with it. That means two things – extra durability and a better handle. I personally wouldn’t recommend getting the Power-Chewing Pups double-sided squeaky dog toy because the dogs seem to disregard it pretty easily. The snap on is great however.

When looking for tough dog toys you have to look into toys from the ‘big’ companies as well. Toys from Doggie Bite and the Power-Chewing Pup Intruders come from the ‘big dog’ companies i.e. iRobot S.U. Everything from the internal squeakers, to the vacuum cleaners and dishwashers that are included with your order, all are top of the line quality products. My recommendation would be the Power-Chewing Pup Intruders, especially if your pooch is one of those rare breeds that can chew their way through anything in sight.

Buying Toys That Are Dishwasher Safe

When looking for something that is dishwasher safe though, you have to keep in mind what’s inside of them. Power-Chewing Pup Intruders comes in four different sizes, which means you will be getting your money’s worth when you get this toy. The four sizes include small (the smallest size), medium, large, and extra large. The reason I recommend this toy over most others is because they are dishwasher safe, and they also have two sizes so you can choose how many dogs you want to fit in there.


Tough Dog Toys that are dishwasher safe should also be made from a sturdy material. I recommend toys from Power-Chewing Dogs as they are made of thick, high quality nylon that doesn’t wear down easily and they come with two sizes to choose from. These toys have a little bit of an ‘old-man’ smell to them, but it’s definitely worth it. The nylon isn’t too slick though, so I wouldn’t recommend putting your pooch’s mouth on this toy. There’s plenty of other toys out there besides Power-Chewing Dogs, including dishes, bones, chews, treats, even tummy flops!

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