The Ultimate Facts About Yorkipoo


World’s Rarest Dog Breed is Yorkipoo. This fabulous mutt hails from North India and was a dog that was respected and loved by the Brits of old. This is no myth, Yorkipoo was in fact brought into Britain with Sir Henry Morton Stanley. With the success of East India Company, the English people did not just choose the mutt over the other breeds; they took this lovely mutt as their own.

After two failed attempts at breeding the mutt, Mr. Stanley was satisfied with the outcome and was quite happy to make him the official dog of the British Empire. The legendary British breed has even been honored with the title of ‘world’s rarest dog’ by a US organization.

Mr. Stanley wrote in his diary of his time with the dog and states that he was extremely attached to the animal; even towards the end of his life, when his health had deteriorated greatly. His diary details the final encounter with the dog, Mr. Stanley gets out of bed to look for the Yorkshire Terrier, he cannot find it but rushes to the kitchen where he finds a glass of milk and a slice of bread. In the face of his friend’s despair, he declares ‘the dog has gone!’

So, what was the secret of the owner’s devotion to the Yorkshire Terrier? Well, according to Mr. Stanley’s diary it was because of the Yorkshire Terrier’s unique temperamental characteristics.

Facts About Yorkipoo

Contrary to popular belief, the Yorkshire Terrier was a truly romantic breed; and because of its gentle nature, it could be trained to behave, especially when he was shown off to others in their presence. Though it is true the breed is very dependent on its master, it would fight fiercely to keep his master as his master; so if he is not treated well it can be quite defensive.

If Yorkipoo was looking after his master, he was happy, if he was angry, he would act in an aggressive manner and fight even harder to prove his point. Mr. Stanley describes this relationship as “extremely fraught” and states that the dogs were “great fun to be with”.

Though English people have been known to walk through the streets of London looking for Yorkipoo, they still do not want to adopt the breed. Though the breed is so beautiful it would be a shame to take it to an event like dog shows, because the dog is just too expressive to be confined to one space, allowing the owner to perform different tasks.

According to Mr. Stanley, Yorkipoo enjoys games such as chasing a ball. The dog would retrieve the ball from a house, such a feat would put a smile on the owner’s face when the dog takes the ball back, the owner would jump up in excitement, and the dog would come leaping over the fence and munching a treat from the back yard.

The dog was originally bred as a hunting dog; and only a small portion of Yorkipoo puppies was actually bred for show. The majority of the dog was bred for a show of the British Kennel Club; and it has been known to produce a great litter of puppies.


The Yorkipoo is no longer a fashionable toy breed since the breed does not discriminate against any form of breeding; though they are still limited to dogs of the color and pattern of ‘Green’ Yorkshire Terriers. Though they may be very much ‘green’, this breed is a bit sensitive when it comes to handling; and they can easily become jealous of the other ‘green’ breeds, as well as dogs of the ‘Blue’ variety.

For many people who are fortunate enough to have found a new Yorkie Pup in New York, they are lucky indeed, as the dog is still a very loyal dog. The dog is also very much in demand as an active breed. It has the traits of a hunting and toy dog that is not stressed by the presence of other dogs. The Yorkshire Terrier is truly one breed that can take on the world!

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