The Secrets of a Successful In Home Dog Behavior Training

in home dog training

Benefits of In Home Dog Training are well known. It is very effective in house training dogs and it is one of the most recommended ways of doing it. Even if you are not ready to take up a commitment to house training, you will find great benefits in training your dog in the comfort of your own home. In home dog care creates a loving atmosphere that is conducive to learning and also helps to create a secure home for your dog. House training can be a tedious experience but there are many benefits of using in-home dog training.

Benefits Of In Home Dog Training

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House training a dog can be one of the most difficult things to do. Because of the nature of a dog, getting them to perform certain tasks such as house training becomes more difficult the longer they have been trained. The best way to overcome this problem is to teach the dog in your home a variety of different behaviors. Because many behaviors are learned in the puppy stage, you can begin this process from the time your puppy is born until they are six months old.

Rewards And Punishment

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The rewards that you give your dog for a good performance during in home dog training is directly related to the negative behavior. House training a dog should be done in a positive manner and you can reward your puppy by giving them a treat or simply having them sit or lie down while you feed them. If your puppy does something good, then you should reward them immediately. If they did something bad, then you should reprimand them in a kind but stern manner. Be careful not to use a harsh voice during the reprimands because this may cause your dog to fear you and your voice sounds like a threat to them.

Concrete Guidelines On What Should Be Avoided

Dog training at home can be very easy provided that you follow some basic rules and guidelines. You must always be consistent when it comes to what you expect from your dog. This means that you should set out for in home dog training at regular intervals. Be sure to also leave them with their favorite toys during these sessions. This will help them to remain interested in the training process and they will be eager to do their best. It is also essential to avoid introducing new things into their routine because this may confuse them and they may become confused.

Before You Go To The Dogs

Before starting off with in home dog training, it is essential that you find out about the particular habits of your dog first. Some dogs are highly dominant and they need to be placed with a dominant dog in order for the training to be effective. It is also important to remember that the dominant behavior of the dog is usually caused by fear so it is important to take steps to eliminate this fear in order to establish yourself as the leader of the pack. For example, it is not advisable to start off by cuffing or pushing your dog to obey you. This will only lead to confusion and your dog may become defensive.

Always Follow A Schedule

Scheduling your sessions for in home dog training must be followed with consistency. This will help establish that you are the leader and your dog will also follow your commands obediently. Also, it is important that you make sure that your dog gets sufficient exercise so that they remain mentally and physically fit.

Always Reward

When you reward your dog for good behavior it helps to build up their confidence. However, be careful not to overwhelm them with too much treats because this can teach them to get dependent on you. In addition, always be firm in your approach to in home dog training. Do not be tempted to use physical force. Be gentle but firm and do not hesitate to give a short sharp jerk on their collar whenever they misbehave.

Bottom Line

It is vital to remember that every dog is different and will therefore learn at their own pace. It is essential that you find the right style of in home dog behavior training that best suits your dog’s personality. A dog is a wonderful animal and a great member of the family that only wants to please its master. By using these basic yet effective techniques taught in dog behavior training you will soon see that your pet will be well trained and obedient.

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