Dog Lovers: Understanding The Psychology -

Dog Lovers: Understanding The Psychology

The Psychology of Every Dog Lovers

Dogs are always known to be man’s best friend. Their loyalty, love, and affection towards their masters is something that we humans are not capable of achieving.  However, there is a small percentage of “Hoomans” who return the loyalty of their dogs with the utmost care and affection. Yes, we are talking the section of people who are known as Dog Lovers.

The psychology of dog lovers is kind of different from the thinking of ordinary human beings. They treat their lovable dogs differently than most humans will do. Let’s discuss in detail how the psychology of dog lover works-

You Don’t Like Dogs; Dog lovers Will Hate You

People who love dogs will mostly go insane if they come across people who don’t like them. Like how, can you not love a small cute creature with the most innocent eyes?

You Have To Pet Every Dog

It is a duty of dog lovers to pet and play with every dog they meet in their life. Whether it’s a street dog or an adopted dog of a neighbor, these people will surely find out a time to spend and have fun with them.

The Psychology Of Every Dog Lovers
The Psychology of Every Dog Lovers

A Dog Is Not A Dog; It Is A Family Member

For a dog lover, it is an insult if you call his/her dogs a dog. Means how you can insult a dog by calling him a dog. He is a member of our family, and he is also a human being with emotions

The Psychology Of Every Dog Lovers
The Psychology Of Every Dog Lovers

A Dog lover Will Not Prioritize A Human Being

People who love dog will always keep dogs as their utmost priority. So don’t feel you are neglected if your boyfriend or husband nags his dog more than you. After all, the dog is his life

Jealously Strikes If The Dog Shows Affection To Your Friends

It’s the nature of dogs to show love to all those people who are friendly towards them. But just a small suggestion to the dog- if your owner is a real dog lover, is careful while wagging your tail to another person. You can only show your affection to him- at least this is what he thinks. So anytime a dog lover sees his cute loving dog playing with someone else, there are loads of jealously accumulating in his heart. But he will forget it after some time. After all, he loves you more than he loves himself.

A Dog Can Never Be Wrong

A dog can never do a wrong, even if he does wrong deeds. It’s just that; he is a puppy (even when he is ten years old) and not matured enough to understand things in the way we humans do. So, according to dog lovers, a mistake done by the dog is never a mistake. It’s just his foolishness.

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