Small Dog Kennels – How to Create a Safe Environment For Your Puppy

small dog kennel

When you are looking to take your small dog with you or to a new location, why not think about having a small dog kennel? This is a great idea especially if you have a small dog or do not have enough space for your pet in your home. Small kenneled dogs usually give their owners the freedom to move around. They can stay with you while you do things like cleaning or cooking without being tied up by their harness.

There are several small dog kennels on-site at Edenvale Small Dog Kennels in Melbourne, Australia. They are securely fenced in, your dog will only sleep in the kennel overnight and only spend the evening feeding time and then the next day in the kennel. The other day, they were in outdoor social areas depending upon the animal’s social standing. One of our three dogs slept in a nice room. Her crate was on the floor but she wasn’t in it long.

She was able to get in and out of the kennel easily and when we took her out she was super relaxed. There was no crying or barking as she normally would have done in her crate. It was so good to finally be able to let go of that anxious, tensed dog that had been sitting in her cage for hours!

Small Dog Kennel

A close up of a dog

One of our dogs, who is the smallest, likes to potty in the small dog kennel underneath our deck. When she stays there all day, there is always someone else there to clean up. If our smaller one can be alone for an hour or so then she is so glad we have her kennel! It seems to calm her down so much.

My little girl has the biggest dog kennel of them all. It is huge and can hold seven dogs. She gets to stretch out and see the world while her other dogs are having a good time playing. It seems to calm her down so much too.

It is a relief when you are not able to see your small dog all day. She can go into the kennel to sleep at night and come out in the morning with her lovely fur still neat and beautiful. The small dog kennel helps keep the dog calm and relaxed when there are times when you can’t be there. Sometimes you just want to be able to cuddle up with your puppy or dog and wait for a long nap.

When we put her in the small kennel, we could have every type of toy and blanket to lie down on. We could let her see the world through our eyes. This was wonderful for her because she was learning to see. The kennel was wonderful. We would do this all the time.

A Much Ado 

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All small dog kennel plans should include some type of toy for them to play with. Your dog will really enjoy being able to run and play with the other dogs in the area. This will give her more confidence.

The kennel should have a place to stand. This will help her stay on her hind end and see what’s going on. If she gets too excited, the kennel might tip over. Your small dog kennel plans should have some type of way for her to be able to fall off the kennel if she does get nervous or scared. This is very important so that she doesn’t hurt herself.

If your puppy’s kennel is outside, it would be nice to have something to chew on besides her own nail. Puppies chew on things just for the fun of it. The dog kennel plans that I looked at had a chew toy in them. They were soft rubber kinds of toys that were filled with some type of treats. My puppy would simply walk by and chew on the toys.

You should always keep your puppy’s dog kennel clean. It should never smell like urine or anything else. The puppy’s urine would stain everything in the kennel. There’s nothing worse than cleaning everything in your house and having it smell like urine. Keep the puppy’s pee dry by wiping it on a paper towel after it’s been soaked.

Final Words 

Small dog kennels are great places for puppies. They are a safe place to play and walk around. There’s no better feeling than owning a pup. Make sure you do whatever you can to keep your dog kennel clean.

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