Royal Canin Dog Food – What They Are Giving Your Dog

royal canin dog food

Royal Canin Dog Food is manufactured and supplied by the Canin Company, based in New Zealand. Royal Canin Company manufactures and provides dog and cat food to the global market and exports it internationally. The company undertakes complete research into each breed’s symptom and dietary needs and then undertakes complete analysis into the formulation and manufacture of each breed and type of pet food. It has been in this business for more than 70 years and is well-reputed for its quality and consistency. They have the best quality standards and use premium ingredients.

Main Ingredients In The Food

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The main ingredients in royal canin dog food are beef meal, by-product meal, chicken meal, cornmeal, rice, and other by-products and other natural ingredients. The company’s primary goal is to meet the nutritional needs of your dog and provide them with healthy and good looking coats and good habits. The main ingredient used for manufacturing dry dog food is beef fat or oil. Other ingredients used are chicken by-product meal, cornmeal, rice, and other natural sources.

It is marketed as premium dog food. However, some dog owners are skeptical about using it as it is more expensive and higher in price than kibble or canned food available in the market. There are many reasons why the cost is high, including manufacturing and shipping, which adds to its production cost. Also, manufacturing costs may include things like chemicals used and the machinery required for the process. It is claimed that the ingredients are safe for use, but the critics say otherwise. It is said that the main ingredients may be responsible for allergic reactions in dogs.

Some of the controversial ingredients in the market are mercury, a tin, lead, salmon oil, soybean hulls, and carnosine. These are mentioned as by-products of the manufacturing process, which are used to prepare the food for humans like the pet food but are used in manufactured dog food. This controversy has been going on for a long time because there is no scientific evidence stating that these ingredients are harmful to dogs.


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Another controversial ingredient is wheat. Some dog foods are also made from wheat protein, which means it contains gluten, which is problematic because gluten is not good for dogs’ health. Gluten can cause gastrointestinal problems and allergies. It can also reduce their nutritional value.

Meat And Vegetable Diet

The best dog food is a 100% meat and vegetables diet. However, you need to read the label first to find the real ingredients in the dry food. For example, the RCD Dog Food contains wheat, corn, and soybean hulls, which are considered unnecessary to the dogs’ diet. The best dry food is canned food, which contains no corn or wheat. You must look for the label first to find out the real ingredients.

Other ingredients include chicken fat, fish meal, corn gluten meal, sodium chloride, vegetable protein, potassium salt, and yeast flakes. The dry food should have high-quality meats and vegetables as the main ingredients. Do not be fooled by fancy packaging. The product should have good quality ingredients to ensure a healthy and safe life for the pets. The nutritional value of the product should be above or equal to a human meal’s nutritional value. It should also have high levels of water, fiber, and protein to ensure balanced nutrition.

Final Words

Some ingredients in this canin large digestive food include fish liver oil, vitamins B-12, E, D & A, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, and riboflavin. It also includes vitamins C, E, C, thiamine, potassium, niacin, and inositol. This canin large digestive food has been certified as food fit for human consumption and suitable for all dogs, including those with allergies.

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