Review of American Journeys Dog Food

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American Journey dog food is a healthy and tasty option for puppies. Its main ingredients consist of boneless beef and first class fish. It’s also got grains to give your puppy the energy it needs to really enjoy the day. That’s not all, of course. This American Journey dog food also includes vegetables and fruits in its formula as well.

Unlike many other premium brands, American Journey doesn’t use the “by product” approach to augment the protein in their products. The reason that they use the grain-free approach is that it can add moisture and make a dry dog food more moist and less nutrient-dense. With a brand such as this, you know you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Best Things About American Journeys Dog Food

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One great thing about American Journey food is how flexible it is. If you want it to be something more than just a dry or wet food, they offer a variety of options in each one. For example, their “Favorites” formula comes in four flavors – chicken, beef, tuna, and vegetarian. You also get a variety of options with their “Lean meats” category including vegetarian, lamb, fish, and chicken.

If you’re worried about sugar in a pet food, American Journey understands. Their “Crispy Oatmeal” is sweet, but balanced with real, fresh, whole-grain oats. They also offer “Chunks” which are very similar to popcorn, but with walnuts instead. In addition to being crunchy, these chunks have a satisfying nutty flavor. And because they come in large breed size, you can eat your favorite snacks without the guilt.

As for protein, the American Journey Dog Food comes with a variety of options. There’s a choice between a by-product chicken meal, lamb, beef, and tuna. For those looking for just a bit of fiber, they offer the wonderful “Beet Pulp” with added calcium and iron. The” Beet Pulp” has only trace amounts of carbohydrates, but it’s good for a filling snack. And the beef and tuna chunks have just the right amount of protein to help your dog get all the nutrients he needs.

Tips For Overall Health

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And, if you’re worried about the overall health of your pet, American Joes provide a special healthy weight management option in their Dog Food. The by-product “Dehydrated Beef” provides extra fiber and protein without using grain. Dehydrated beef can maintain a healthy weight, and they’re great for older dogs that may be on reduced-calorie diets.

The final choice in this section gives pet owners several convenience options. There are the convenient bag option and vacuum sealer to choose from. Each of these American Joes wet food products are dishwasher safe and provide an easy way to provide nutritious, tasty, quality dry dog foods to your best friend. With so many convenient options, many pet owners find themselves buying American Joes wet food over kibble and quite possibly for every pet they own.

How To Choose Right Food

To help you decide which of these moist dog foods is best for your dog, ask your veterinarian what they recommend. They will know better than anyone which brand or which type is best for your pet. And remember, each of the manufacturers offers a varied selection of dry dog foods. Some use by-products and some don’t. Which one is best depends on your pet’s dietary needs and what you feel will give him the nutritional balance he needs to stay healthy.

This American Joes dog food is available at most major retailers. It is offered in different flavors such as beef and turkey. At first glance, it may not appear to contain a large breed dog friendly food. It does contain a large breed dog friendly ingredient… Chicken! So, it may be best to substitute this ingredient with another high quality protein source such as fish, chicken, or even tofu.

American Joes’ first ingredient is chicken fat. While this may sound unhealthy, it actually contains healthy omega 3 fatty acids that can be found in fish such as tuna, trout, and halibut. Salmon oil is another healthy choice that is found in this dog food. This salmon oil is similar to the oil produced by the human body. Therefore, the body can utilize the oil and process it for energy and use.


This pet food has a lot of promise for those who are looking to provide their dogs with healthy and nutritious meals. However, it is important to note that it is not meant for all breeds. It is intended for smaller breeds only as it contains ingredients such as chicken fat and beef. Therefore, if your dog has a problem with allergies or has been diagnosed with a medical condition, then it is advisable to consult your vet before trying this brand of dog food. However, if you feed this brand of dog food to your pups and they do not have any health issues, then it is probably safe for them.

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