Puppy Travel Facts For Air Travel

Puppy Travel Facts For Air Travel

When you are leaving your home for some work or any functions, the primary concern you face to carry your puppy. Before planning your puppy travel by air, you should know some air travel facts for the comfortable journey. If your puppy barks on his first airplane trip, you have to prepare for what airline services going to entails on you.

Here are some key facts one should know before traveling with your pets.

1. Pet travel Is On the Rise

Global facts show, there is an increase in the number of pet lovers. Moreover, now puppy lovers travel along with their puppies frequently. Thousands of puppies now fly each year on domestic air carriers alone. Millions more travel on international flights around the world.

2. Taking Your Puppy On Air.

It seems simpler and easy to pack your puppy in a shoulder-bag and carry them with you during travel. Many airlines allow you to take your pup with you. But still:

1.    You have to buy a ticket for your puppy.

2.    You have to carry all health documents required.

3.    You will also have to carry various household items for your pet.

4.    He will have to spend entire journey in the carrier, under the seat.

Puppy Travel Facts For Air Travel
Puppy Travel Facts For Air Travel

3. Paperwork For International Travel

For international travel as you need a passport and visa, your puppy also needs some travel documents. Puppies not only have to show their identity but also you have to show their good health. It can take a lot of time of yours to acquire the necessary paperwork. These rules are to protect health and safety of all.

The most important fact to know what paper is needed in which country. Every country has its own specific rules and regulations. Before planning, gather all information and collect necessary documents before your departure along with your pet for avoiding the uneasy situation at the airport.

4. Safety Is Always A Concern

Pet travel statistics issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation stated that there were 26 airline-related animal deaths in 2016. But still, air travel is safer than other transport. The dogs transported through trucks are more prone to death, and thousands are died in past years.

5. The World Eye

Dog owners, animal right activist, and the general public have a close watch on airlines. Most of the airlines are more diligent and takes care of the requirement for transporting your pet. They take extreme care for protecting the health and safety of pets.

Puppy Travel Facts For Air Travel
Puppy Travel Facts For Air Travel

6. Airlines With Better Facility

Air carriers which ensure your pet transfer with at most care provide temperature and pressure maintain cabins for your puppy. They take care of their comfort and all other issues before checking in and out.

7. Easy Pet Travel Stress

You can also train your puppy to reduce anxiety and stress while traveling. You can also have to take care of before and after travel environment of your dog. For long hours of flights, you should have to be extra cautious.

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