Puppy Separation Anxiety: Dealing It Wisely

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If your puppy chews things in the house, barks excessively scratch at the door or go to the bathroom in the house, and then he is suffering from separation anxiety. In most of the houses, this Puppy separation anxiety is widespread as people leave their puppy at home.

Dealing Puppy Separation Anxiety:

It will be good if your puppy is comfortable at home alone. You should never punish your puppy for any behavior as the punishment makes worse conditions. If your puppy is exhibiting some destructive behavior, then follow these steps to reduce your puppy separation anxiety:

How To Deal With Your Puppy Separation Anxiety
How To Deal With Your Puppy Separation Anxiety
  • Make him learn preventative training.
  • Always puppies like routine. Therefore, prepare a schedule for your puppy. Develop your puppy to stick the plan.
  • Always give him a chance to go potty alone. 
  • Try to start leaving the puppy alone in the house. Start with just minutes and then gradually increase your period. 
  • Make him spend more time in his crate.
  • Soothing music can help to calm your puppy anxiety.
  • Some flower essences can help puppies to relax. 
  • Make him play with the toys.

Signs Of Puppy Separation Anxiety:

Urinating or defecating:

Most of the dogs urinate or defecate when they leave alone in the home. If your puppy urinates in the house, then your puppy caused by distance.

Destructing, or chewing:

Some dogs chew cushions, mats, objects, and many more when they feel separation anxiety. They even destroy door frames, things, and window sills when your puppy is suffering from separation anxiety. The destruction and chewing can cause your puppy broken teeth, scraped paws, damaged nails, and results in self-injury.

How To Deal With Your Puppy Separation Anxiety
How To Deal With Your Puppy Separation Anxiety


A puppy tries to escape from an area where he is left alone. This escaping will never happen if someone presents with our puppy.


Some dogs try to move back and forth when they are under stress. They will move in some fixed pattern like some dogs runs in a circular motion, while other dogs make straight lines. 


This anxiety will happen; only the puppies are left alone in the home. Some dogs try to consume everything they see in the house. They don’t perform like this if they are with someone to take care of your puppy.

Situations for Dogs Feeling Depressed:

If they are alone, these dogs develop separation anxiety. Most of the stray dogs don’t have in dealing with it. Only dogs that have shelters have these issues when they are alone at home. A loss of a loved person of your puppy can lead to anxiety. However, try to figure out what are the situations that made your puppy so anxious.

  • Change of caretaker or guardian.
  • Variance in schedules
  • Relocation of residence or houses
  • Change in household members.

Consult a professional or veterinarian if your puppy suffers from anxiety. You can solve these issues by yourself or take the help of a puppy trainer. Never make your guardian leave home when your puppy is at home.

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