Popular Dog Breeds – Choosing The Best Dog Breed

Popular Dog Breeds - Choosing the Best Dog Breed

There is a variety of Popular Dog Breeds to choose from. People who own a small dog or who have been looking to get a small dog, may be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a few popular dog breeds available. But how do you narrow down your choice?

You can start by learning about the wide variety of breeds that are available in the US. There are many different countries, so you can be sure to find a variety of breeds that would suit your needs. Here is a list of some of the popular breeds:

Some Of The Popular Dog Breeds

Poodle – This breed is widely recognized for its ability to be very affectionate and friendly. But with its small size, this breed has the tendency to be shy. Many Poodles are very inquisitive and have a keen interest in things around them. They are very trusting and come with the ‘gentle personality’ trait.

English Terrier Mix – This breed of dog was originally bred for showmanship, but it has since grown in popularity as a pet. They are extremely loyal to their owners and will protect them no matter what. They are the smallest of the popular dog breeds and make an excellent pet for children.

Border Collie – This breed of dog originated in England, but is now known as a very common pet. Because of its obedience and intelligence, they make a good pet to children.

Know About The Popular Dog Breeds

Toy Dogs – These small dogs are well-known for their attention to detail and their playful nature. They are the perfect choice for a child, or even for those with an active personality.

Short Haired – These are dogs that are extremely affectionate, as well as very intelligent. Their intelligence is the basis for their breed name ‘short-haired’. They are generally mild-mannered, though they are not as dominant as other dogs, making them a good pet for small children.

Miniature Dachshund – These are incredibly fun to own. They are generally very playful and loving. They are generally very friendly and will happily greet people and be with them when they are with their owners for a long time.

Popular Dog Breeds - Choosing the Best Dog Breed
Popular Dog Breeds – Choosing the Best Dog Breed

Which Dog Breed Will Be Best For You

Mastiff – These dogs were first bred in England and are considered to be very protective. The big sturdy and powerful look of this breed makes them very popular with children. It is difficult to keep them from running wild if they are not adequately contained.

Pit Bull – The name ‘pit bull’ comes from the term used for these dogs that are from the American Pit Bull Terrier family. As with any large breed, these dogs require lots of training, but with their high levels of intelligence, they make great pets.

Pomeranian – Although more common in other countries, the Pomeranian is very popular in the US. These dogs make a great companion and make wonderful children’s pets.

Bottom Line

With the above-mentioned dog breeds, you can be sure to find the one that fits your needs. Regardless of which breed you choose, remember that you will want to pick out a dog that has all the qualities you need.

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