Most Popular Small dog breeds

Most Popular Small dog breeds

The Small dog breeds are cute, cuddling, and have great personality into their short stature. Small dog breeds have different backgrounds, and their personality varies accordingly. The need for activity, care, and maintenance differs widely.

The most popular small dog breeds are Boston terrier, corgis, Pomeranians, Beagles, Affenpinscher, etc. They loved for their unique features and personalities. Many of them are known for kid-friendly nature and cuddly dogs. Some are popular for smartness and intelligence.

The list of various small dog breeds is illustrated below, as per your match you can choose one among them. 

Most Popular Small dog breeds
Most Popular Small dog breeds


They are mischievous and fearless, but their loyalty is extraordinary.This little dogs are so funny and have so much in their tiny package.

Personality:   They are curious in nature and bound through life with bold curiosity. They weight around 7-10 lbs.

Temperament: Affenpinschers have so much curiosity in their mind, they are good learner and kid-friendly, but they need attention and consistent training.

Activity Level:  They are good apartment dog, but he will need to play time and daily walks.

Grooming: The Affenpinscher’s coat needs regular grooming to remain healthy.


Beagles are a faithful companion and are good-natured family pets. Their nose size makes them different from others.

Personality: They are easy to handle and talkative dogs. Beagles’ voice is stronger than other dogs make them to barks and howls loudly. Their weight ranges from 20-30 lbs.

Temperament: Their nose is too sensitive and catches the scent easily. Some may have stubborn behaviour. But Beagles are among popular tiny dogs for kids. They are easy to train and love family members.

Activity Level: Beagles are active dogs needs daily routine, and they love to follow a scent and explore.

Grooming:  A Beagle’s have less coat and quite easy to care. Not require daily brushing.

Most Popular Small dog breeds
Most Popular Small dog breeds

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is a sweet and sensitive toy dog breeds. They are an adorable and cuddling dog that makes a great family pet.

Personality:  Bichon Frise has smarter tiny dog having a playful side and friendly nature towards all. They weigh from 12-18 lbs.

Temperament: They have barking tendencies. They can be trained easily, and are children friendly.

Activity Level:  The Bichon Frise is an active dog, needs daily exercise, regular play, or short walks.

Grooming: These pups need regular brushing and trims, although they don’t shed much.

Boston Terrier

This little dog is famous for a sturdy stance and playful nature.

•    Personality: They are too sensitive and clever, enjoy living, they love to play and interacts with all. They weigh around 10-25 lbs.

•    Temperament:  Boston Terriers have stubbornness, but they can be trained easily and a good learner.

•    Activity Level: They love toys and to play with them, but be careful in extreme weather.

•    Grooming:  They re among short coat dog and shed very less. They don’t require frequent brushing but occasional to remove dead hair.

These are some of the popular small breed dogs which you can purchase from a reputed breeder.

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