Mange: How To Treat For It

You must have heard about mange. It is a very harmful disease in puppies which is caused by Demodex Mite. You will usually see this disease among puppies. Mange is an inflammatory disease. Mites attack the hair follicles and skin of the puppy which causes this infection. This leads to hair loss in puppies completely.

Treatment of Mange in Puppies
Treatment of Mange in Puppies

Symptoms Mange in Puppies

It is a localised disease which affects some specific areas of the body or even the entire body. The common symptoms are patchiness on the body, redness of the skin, loss of hair in patches. This mainly occurs on face, toes and legs.


Demodex mite attacks the skin of the puppies and harms it badly. They normally affect the skin area of the dog. If a small number of mites attack then it not serve but if they attack in huge number then it’s very dangerous for your puppies. Mange occurs in three species of mites in the dogs.

Demodicosis which is the Demodex Canis is the most common species of mite attacking the puppies. The mites attack hairs of the dogs. This infection gets transfer to newborn puppies and even spreads to the nearby puppies and start showing its symptoms. Dogs generally have a weak immune system and so these mites’ start to multiple and will the skin of your reddish and causes itching. It causes multiple rashes.


Take sample of the hair which will be used to identify the mite that is the cause of the illness. take the skin sample for diagnose to know the main reason of illness. Treatment for Mange to Puppies

Treatment for Mange to Puppies

In many cases the disease localizes and so the likely that the problem can be resolved itself and it will disappear on its own. 90 percent more are such cases. In the case of generalization the dog should be give long term dog medication to control the worse getting condition. Give good quality of food to the dog and the dog will be placed in stress free environment

Several treatments are available or demodectic mange in dog. The commonly used treatment is the isoxazoline flea and tick medicine for puppies. The medication dose you should chosen according to your brand preference which should be one chewable tablet in the time interval of 3-7 weeks for mange. Earlier ivermection was the only effective medicine which people used on daily basis to control the infection. Skin care should be your first priority with regular checkup. Always take care of your skin and try to keep it infection free as it should be your first priority amongst all.

There are rumors about mites getting transfer between dogs after birth. But there is no evidence supporting such transmission. Take the puppies for a continuous checkup and treat them for several weeks which will be around a year treatment should be given with good quality of medicines. The history of all treatment is important to maintain complete hygiene and health-related issues.

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