Maltipoo Characteristics, Temperament, and Health

Maltipoo Characteristics

Maltipoo Characteristics

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An American-created Maltipoo is a small to medium crossbreed dog, having a height from 8-14 inches and a weight from 8-20 pounds. However, there are also some foreign variations of this breed that are much smaller and larger. They can be seen in many colors including white, black, brown, gray, tan, silver, apricot, red, pink, light yellow, and cream. Their coats are usually soft or dense, straight or wavy with a fine texture. Their coats are usually brushed daily to keep them clean of dirt and pests. The Maltipoo dog breed has a life expectancy between 12-15 years.

Maltipoos are great companion dogs that get along well with other animals they know very well also, but avoid cats if they are not introduced to them at an early age. They can sometimes be aggressive with other dogs, especially those of the same sex. People should socialize their Maltipoo puppies with other people and children.

Maltipoo Temperament

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The Maltipoo temperament is friendly. They are great with dogs as well as other animals that they know very well. They also get along well with children if brought up around them. Because of their ability to sense stress in their owner’s voice, body language, and behavior this dog breed is often used as therapy dogs for visits to nursing homes or hospital patients who have difficulty communicating with others. However, this may not be suitable for those who have very aggressive or badly tempered dogs as Maltipoos might get intimidated and stressed. They are also great with older children as they know how to read their moods and will react accordingly, however, smaller kids may find them a bit difficult to handle because of the Maltipoo size and energy level.

Maltipoo Health Problems

Because Maltipoos are recently created dog breeds they do not yet face many breed-specific health problems. However, like all dogs, they still suffer from various medical issues such as hip dysplasia, luxating patella, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), epilepsy, skin allergies, overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), dental disease, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and hypothyroidism.

The medical issues are usually not serious, but they are still factors to take into consideration when purchasing a Maltipoo.

Maltipoo Training

When it comes to Maltipoo training, this dog breed is very quick to learn new things because of their intelligence level. They are easy to train when using positive-reinforcement techniques that include praise, petting, or food rewards. However, because they can be sensitive, do not punish them harshly for small mistakes made while learning something new.

Maltipoo Activity Levels

The Maltipoos are great with other pets around the house but he will enjoy a yard where he can run around freely. He loves having lots of toys to play with indoors as well as outdoor walks every day that can range from 20 minutes up to an hour depending on the Maltipoo’s age. If the Maltipoo does not get enough activity he will be very destructive around the house, so it is important to take him out for walks and playtime in the yard every day until he is fully satisfied.

If you are looking for a companion dog that is friendly, intelligent, and easy to train then the Maltipoo may be perfect for you. This breed can make an excellent therapy or service animal as well as be gentle with children of all ages. The only major health concern they face at this time is hip dysplasia so it’s essential to purchase from a reputable breeder who screens their dogs before breeding them if possible. If your family needs more than one pet but doesn’t want two animals fighting over territory, consider getting a Maltipoo instead-they will get along very well with other animals and people alike!

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