Maltese Dog Personality Traits

Maltese Dog Personality Traits

When you are thinking to bring a puppy at your home, deciding which breed to go for is not an easy decision. There will be a lot many questions rose in your mind because bringing a pet at home means adding a member to your family. You cannot take it lightly.
Deciding the right pet breed is far good rather than choosing a cute dog; Is Maltese good or bad for you? Before bringing home, you should know all about Maltese. The breed will fit well at your home or not, or you will be able to provide the care that this breed requires.
We will discuss all this breed, including Maltese behavior, appearance, grooming, feeding, and much more.


The Maltese dog is one of the smallest dog breeds. He will remain the same in size at adulthood also. The standard size of a Maltese is 7 pounds. This breed’s height is small and ranges between 8 to 10 inches. Maltese is similar to other small toys dogs such as the Pomeranian and the Papillon etc.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to having such a small dog:
1) They are suitable for small apartments, does not require a large yard.
2) Cost of feeding them is minimal.
3) Walking with a Maltese puppy or dog twice per day is easy.
1) Injury and trauma is a significant issue due to the smaller size.
2) With toddlers at home, this is not the right choice.
3) This breed does not like running alongside you.

Maltese Dog Personality Traits
Maltese Dog Personality Traits

Coat Type:

The Maltese puppies or adult have a single coat of hair, not fur. This type of coat texture has some pros and cons.
1) Shedding is very less with these breeds because hair re-growth cycles are much less compared to other breeds.
2) The allergies are less severe.
3) With Maltese, you can have a range of different hairstyles.
1) Due to the silky, one-layer coat, many Maltese will have cold issues.
2) Skin issues are also common with the breed. This can be treated by using high-quality shampoos and coat products.

Maltese Dog Personality Traits
Maltese Dog Personality Traits

Coat Color

The Maltese have white coats; small touches of lemon or light tan can be seen easily. This sort of coat is wonderful but also challenging to maintain.

Pros: Solid white coats are great to deal and color for dogs. With many breeds, it changes when you grow older, Maltese colour will remain the same solid white.
Cons: Dogs with white coats needs to be taken care properly for keeping them white. Things like urine and everyday debris can stain the coat. Poor bathing products will make to loose shine.

Other Factors to Consider

There are other reasons also why Maltese is the perfect pet:
1) They have a great personality but typically very active, happy, and playful.
2) Maltese dogs are a great companion and friend of his owner.
3) The Maltese life span is good. They live to the age of 12 to 15 years.

This will help you in choosing the perfect fact for your family.

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