Maltese Dog: Personality and Traits

Maltese Dog can be very sociable, energetic and pretty comfortable around people. They tend to show a lot of affection toward humans. Yet there are some Maltese personality traits that may cause you to think twice about breeding this dog.

When interacting with other dogs, the Maltese is very active and full of energy. They love to run, play and enjoy doing all sorts of activities, both indoors and outdoors. Because of their love for animals, many Maltese owners have reported the presence of a stray or feral Maltese in their yard. The Maltese are extremely strong-willed and as such, have been known to destroy property that is not properly taken care of, including fences and even people’s homes.

Characteristics of Maltese Dog

Temperament: The Maltese is a very energetic and outgoing dog. He has a little bit of an over-excited quality to him that might make him seem a little too aggressive and ready to fight. They are not very good watchdogs or watch people.

Behavior: The Maltese love to lie down and let you rub his head and look into his eyes. He is an active, inquisitive dog and enjoys entertaining himself. However, he tends to become very restless if left alone and loves to chase after other things.

A Maltese puppy is a little on the large side and is very muscular. Although they have a happy disposition, they are a little shy when it comes to strangers. The Maltese personality is one of high energy and tenacity but also affectionate.

If you choose to adopt a Maltese from an animal shelter, you will need to keep in mind that they are a breed that is notorious for biting. In fact, Maltese puppies can grow up to be aggressive and possess a short temper. Some Maltese show temperament problems and others don’t show any problems. When choosing a Maltese puppy, be sure to consider temperament as well as potential behavior problems.

When looking for a Maltese to bring home, you will want to ensure that he is the right size for your family. Although this is a small breed, a Maltese puppy weighs between 40 to 50 pounds. They are naturally sturdy and fit so they will fit in well with many households.

What Maltese Dog Need

For a Maltese dog to live up to his personality traits, he will need to be allowed plenty of room to exercise. You will need to make sure that your Maltese has a fenced-in area, but not enclosed. In fact, because Maltese are so independent, you will need to allow your Maltese to roam freely and enjoy some free time every day.

The Maltese is a very smart dog. Because they have very strong and focused intelligence, they make great pets. Because they are so intelligent, they are very good with children and are great with children’s kids.

Although it is not a bad idea to introduce your Maltese puppy to kids, you should keep in mind that children can be very territorial so you should also provide plenty of enrichment for your Maltese dog. You can do this with training toys, games, training videos, books and lots of playtimes. You can provide daily walks so your Maltese gets plenty of exercise and socialization. All of these things can help your Maltese dog to become a very well-adjusted adult.

Because Maltese are very loyal, responsible and loving dogs, you will have to have patience and willingness to take care of them. Although they are generally very smart, it is common for them to need a bit of structure in their life. Maltese are often very stubborn, but they are also very loving dogs.


Maltese are small dogs with tiny heads, ears, and faces, so it can be a challenge to train them to do tricks. However, there are lots of specialized tricks that Maltese do well. such as fetching, agility and some high jumping tricks, which will improve your Maltese’s skills.

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