Information About Canidae Dog Food

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Canidae Dog Food is made by the highly regarded vets in Canada. The Canidae Dog Food Company was founded in 1976 by Frank Schoell, a vet and dog lover. His dream was to make dog food that would be safe for our canines; and that could also be enjoyed by us humans. His research has led him to develop the best dog food for all dogs. There are many Canidae dog foods available to suit different breeds of dogs. This company offers its dog owners a variety of choices of food depending on their tastes and likes and dislikes.

 Comparable To Human Food

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Many people often wonder if this is comparable to human food, and the answer is “yes”. You will find that they have the same nutritional requirements as we do humans. Canidae dog food is formulated with your dogs’ dietary needs in mind. The ingredients are carefully chosen to provide your pet with quality ingredients that are good for them. In addition, it’s manufactured under very strict guidelines so you can be sure that you will not be feeding any harmful ingredients or toxins to your canine.

The first thing that most people ask when they are considering changing their canines’ diet is whether the canned food is healthy or not. This is an entirely different question compared to those asked when talking about other types of foods. The answer is that it depends on the source of the food. The canned dog food of today is formulated to last for many years, and this means that you should give it to your dogs regularly.

Eat Human Food

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Dogs were meant to eat human food. Their digestive systems were designed to digest and absorb the nutrients found in that kind of food. This means that if you feed your dog human food like cheese or chicken bones, they can probably keep it down for a few years. However, dogs are carnivores, and their digestive tracts were not designed to process raw meat. This means that it will only be a matter of time until your canines puppy begins to show signs of serious illnesses related to improper diet.

Today’s dog food is formulated so that it keeps your canines’ intestines healthy and functioning properly. It also has additives that will help it last longer. Some human foods that come from all-natural sources may seem to have a higher nutrient content than the typical commercial brand, but most do not. These foods are also usually very expensive as well.

 Too Oily

Another problem with commercial human food for dogs is that it is often too oily for canines. While it is true that dogs can easily digest and absorb fatty foods, this is not always the case. Many canines cannot easily digest fatty cuts of meat, and this leads to weight gain, bloating, and diarrhea. A good canidae diet will contain human grade lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and lamb. When choosing canidae puppy food, look for a human grade option, as these are typically lower in fat and higher in nutritional content.

Last Words

You can avoid these common pitfalls by choosing a canidae dog food that is made entirely from human grade ingredients. Some companies, such as Canidae, are now using only 100% premium human foods, and this is one way they keep their manufacturing costs down. Human foods are more nutritious and have a much lower fat content than many of the common dog foods on the market today. This is another reason why people who love canines and know their habits choose candidates over other brands of dog food.

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