Hunting Dog Accessories That Can Contribute To Discipline And Maintenance

hunting dog accessories

Hunting with your dog can be one of the most thrilling experiences ever! There is literally no better companion to go with for hunting than your dog. Although, knowing what hunting gear to buy for your dog to ensure their safety can be confusing. If you have never gone hunting with your dog before, it is absolutely normal to be confused about the hunting dog accessories you need. Well, you have landed on the perfect article as this article gives information about the hunting dog accessories that you will need to buy for your dog!

Hunting Dog Accessories – Hunting Dog Vest, Jackets, Coats, and tail protectors.

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You will need a vest for your dog. A vest that has adjustable straps so it fits your dog perfectly. The adjustable nature can also be helpful to resize as your dog grows. The material of the vest should be firm and tough in order to protect your dog from any kind of sharp material.

Vests for your dog –

MOmarsh Versa Vest – Gore Optifade

Sylmar Body Guard Dog Vest

Avery Dog Vest

Jackets for your dog –

Surf’ n Turf Life jacket

RuffWear Dog Cooling Vest

Hunting Dog Accessories – Dog Training Whistles

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While on a hunt, your dog may not necessarily stick with you the entire time. This is when a whistle comes in handy. It allows you to call your dog when you are away from them. Dog whistles that are smaller in size are generally louder than the ones that are bigger in size. Dogs respond to whistle signals very quickly, which is why buying a dog training whistle is very important.

Dog Training Whistles –

Acme Standard Whistles

SportDOG Roy Gonia Whistles

HammerHead M4:9 Whistles

Gunners up! Mega Whistle

Dallesasse Hunt Tester Whistle

NSC Whistle with Pea

Hunting Dog Accessories – Dog Tracking Systems

As much as whistles are useful to call your dog, they cannot tell you where exactly your dog is. This is why you need a dog tracking system on your dog to never lose them. There is no doubt that dogs can sniff their way to you. But for them to do that, it is necessary you don’t go farther away from them. With a Dog Tracking System, you will easily be able to track your dog.

Dog Tracking Systems –

Garmin Astro GPS Tracking System


Dogtra Pathfinder

Pro 550 Plus


These are some of the hunting dog accessories you will require if you take your dog out hunting with you. It ensures their safety and makes the hunting way more fun and carefree. If you are going hunting with your dog, get these hunting dog accessories to let your dog roam around with a lease because you can always track him! On the plus side, he is also safe from getting hurt because of wearing a vest or a jacket. These are not just simple accessories but some that will enhance the safety of both the dog and the owner.

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