Healthy Recipes From The Blue Wilderness Dog Food Line

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Blue Wilderness dog food was originally designed by a dog lover for dogs like you and I. The ingredients are natural and healthy. We love dogs just as much as you and they need healthy foods just like we do. We want our pets to grow up to love us and be loyal and respectful of us as their owner, just as we want our children to become respectful, kind, and caring towards others as adults.

About The

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Before civilized man the animals he created his very own domesticated stock, which in turn helped create us. Dogs were originally fierce, meat-hungry animals that thrived on a high carbohydrate and protein-free diet but eventually, dog food companies have substituted those ingredients with grains, corn, and other cheap and convenient fillers as they are much easier and cheaper to obtain. The original owners of dogs didn’t have a choice but to feed their dogs only what they could catch or kill so the quality of dog food available today has a lot to do with the level of trust that people have in the food they serve. Most people prefer a natural product like Blue Wilderness Dog Food over ‘human processed’ foods as this one provides a well balanced and nutritious diet for dogs of all ages.

Unlike a lot of ‘people’ foods, Blue Wilderness also provides their dog’s meals with complete amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy, long life. That is something you can’t find in ‘store bought’ foods. For example, a bag of commercial ‘pork’ contains only 5% of the recommended daily allowance of protein. A puppy should have access to this protein in the form of chicken or beef, not just ‘fish and chips’.

What Makes Blue Wilderness Dog Food Worth?

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The cost is the fact that they use an original recipe which hasn’t been altered in any way. The founder, Ellen W. Stutler, made this recipe when she was a young mother who was faced with the challenge of how to feed her four-legged friend without breaking the bank. After working many years as a nutritional consultant, she came up with a special formula that would help solve the problem. She named it ‘The Blue Wilderness Kibble Formula’ and began selling it to pet stores and veterinarians worldwide.

It is important to note that this type of dog food is not suitable for puppies less than three months old, nor for anyone who is allergic to wheat or dairy products. However, the first five ingredients that are listed on the pack are a protein source for the diet, a vegetable, a starch and water. In addition, this dry mix is low in fat, calories and cholesterol and provides the best all around protein source available. There are two types of dry dog treats available – one is the ‘real meat’ which contains small pieces of raw boneless, skinless chicken and turkey along with the main ingredient, while the second type of dry food is the ‘mashed natural chicken and turkey’ which is similar to a vegetarian meal but does not have the texture of real meat. The real meat can be cooked at home if you prefer, or you can also buy the ‘grilled’ type.

What Blue Wilderness Dog Foods Contain?

While all five of the Blue Wilderness Dog Foods contain a protein and carbohydrate, the real meat in the ‘real meat’ contains medium chain fatty acids that help build strong bones and muscles. It is also a good source of medium chain triglycerides, which help reduce the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries. The ‘real turkey’ meal contains natural beef flavor, medium-chain fatty acids, garlic and a little bit of salt. Venison is the only other ingredient that is not a carbohydrate.

The Blue Wilderness Dog Food line also features a variety of dry cat treats. The first five ingredients are a mix of sweet potatoes, carrots and a mix of meat and vegetables. There are no artificial flavors and colors. There is no mention of the ‘bones and feathers’ phrase referring to the parts of the bird used for food. The cat treats come in a large variety including a savory mixture of beef and potato for a healthy snack. The beef and potato mixture has a sweet, almost mashed texture, and is good with either breaded or without, depending on your preference.

Final Thoughts

The ‘chick’ meal has medium-chain fatty acids, medium-chain proteins and whole grains to help maintain good health. The blend of herbs and vegetables also includes pumpkin seeds, dried cherry tomatoes, Cayenne peppers, garlic, parsley, fennel and yellow onions, as well as a helpful vitamin A. All of these nutrients help keep your pooch fit and healthy. Blue Wilderness Dog Food has a wide variety of styles of meals to help satisfy your pet’s taste.

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