Health Hazards For Dog Owners -

Health Hazards For Dog Owners

Health Hazards for Dog Owners

A Dog can be the most beautiful pet, with a cute face and innocent heart, but adopting it might make you a potential candidate of several health hazards. 

One needs to be quiet careful while adopting a dog as a pet. An affectionate licking can cause massive infection in your body. Following are some of the deadly health hazards associated with pet dogs-

Health Hazards For Dog Owners
Health Hazards For Dog Owners


Rabies, even though being uncommon, can be a deadly disease for human beings. Most of the puppies, nowadays are injected with the anti-rabies vaccine, thereby the chance of this disease is extremely low. Most of the time, Rabies is passed through physical contact of the dog with the owner, which can be in terms of bite, lick, or even a scratch. Early symptoms of Rabies in humans are continuous flu. However, in later stages, the symptoms worsen, and often it leads to hallucination. One of the striking and threatening facts is that most of the time, Rabies are detected in humans during the later stages, where there are no ways to get treated.

Health Hazards For Dog Owners
Health Hazards For Dog Owners


Children are at higher risk to catch this health hazard disease of Salmonella. Well, it is not your dog that is directly responsible for this disease, but their food. Some of the processed pet food contains salmonella-causing bacteria. These bacteria will not make your dog unhealthy, but upon physical contact can make your children sick.

Lyme Disease

The primary source of Lyme disease is usually the ticks which your pet dogs carry. And when those bacteria-carrying ticks come in contact with your blood, it leads to Lyme disease.  Just one love bite from your dog can result in the contamination of the Lyme bacteria with your blood. However, there is not much to worry about, as there are antibiotics to cure Lyme disease.

Bubonic Plague

This time, the source of the disease is not ticks but fleas. Pet dogs usually get fleas, and some fleas may carry the bacteria of the disease name Bubonic plague. However, like Lyme disease, there is no need to worry about much as there are treatments and antibiotics available to cure this disease. Just that, the sooner it’s detected, the better is for human beings.

Pesticide Poisoning

Since fleas and ticks are health hazards for pet dogs as well as human beings, we as pet owners use a lot of medicines to get rid of these unwanted materials from the dog’s body. However, these medicines or pesticides can also be harmful and poisonous. These pesticides can be deadly toxic for children

Keeping a pet may be your ultimate wish of life, but with pets comes great responsibility. Keep them free from the diseases which will help you and your family to stay fit and healthy.

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