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Mike Sagman is the editor and writer of Dog Food Advisor. He is an avid animal lover and says that without his dog food journal, he wouldn’t be able to write or publish it. He is a veterinary assistant and admits that in his line of work he has little veterinary training. He states categorically that he is not a specialist in reading and interpreting dog food labels. Why then is he considered an expert?

Ability To Answer Questions About Dog Food Labels And Pet Food Safety

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This article seeks to answer that question for us. We believe that the fact that Mr. Sagman is not a veterinarian nor does he have any formal veterinary training does not invalidate his ability to answer questions about dog food labels and pet food safety. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and is in the process of obtaining a master’s degree in animal sciences. What this means is that he obviously has a basic knowledge of what some people call “dog fancy.”

As someone who eats dog food myself (I actually own three), I can say that much of what I call “mystery meat” is off-brand or even store brand. That means it is food manufactured by one of the large retail dog food companies in the United States. I say “off brand” because most dog owners are not aware that the dog food advisor actually owns or operates a food manufacturing company. They think that if they purchase dog food from the manufacturer they are spared from any mention of the fact that the dog food is not approved by the FDA or that the nutrition facts are inadequate for their dog’s health. However, by purchasing from the advisor, these dog owners actually are doing exactly what is required under law.

Dog Food Advisor Is One Who Advises Dog Owners About Real Food Versus Dry Dog Foods

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A dog food advisor is simply someone who advises dog owners about real food versus dry dog foods and about the dangers of using kibble versus canned dog food. These advisors are the same ones who made us believe that dry dog foods were safer than the ones we feed our pets with today. Nowadays however, we know better. The sad fact is that because of those who profit from dry dog foods, many veterinarians refuse to recommend them.

You might be wondering by now just who owns the dog food advisor. Well, you should know that Becker is one of the top dogs on the market right now. In his position as a dog food advisor he is responsible for advising pet owners on everything from proper dietary nutrition to the best way to keep their pets healthy while also enjoying their lives. Becker is well respected within the veterinary community and many veterinarians refuse to use him unless he is willing to make changes in his approach to nutritional dcm.

The Best Dog Food Advisor Is The Pet Owner

What most veterinarians won’t tell you is that the best dog food advisor is you, the pet owner. There are important things you need to know about canine nutrition in order to provide your animal’s best chance at a long, happy life. One thing you must understand is that most commercial dog foods are very bad. They lack the necessary nutrients your animal needs in order to thrive.

Most commercial dog foods contain all kinds of harmful ingredients such as low-grade meat meal, byproducts, chemicals, antibiotics, and other pathogens that can easily make their way into your dog’s system causing illness. What most owners don’t realize is that they are feeding their dogs far too many table scraps and other inferior foods that are full of preservatives and other chemicals.

Wrapping Up

A good dog food advisor will not only research the ingredients in various dog food brands, he or she will also examine the manufacturing process used to produce these products. For instance, one of the best advisors on the market is a company called Mercola. Not only does Mercola’s line of foods contain all natural ingredients that are healthy for dogs, but they are manufactured in a completely eco-friendly factory that doesn’t use chemicals or toxic substances. Since Mercola is a recognized leader in the industry they not only provide healthy and nutritious food for your pets, they also encourage responsible pet ownership.

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