Dog Toy Boxes; The Best 5

Dog toy boxes

What do you do when your dog’s toys get overwhelming and cramp your house space? You definitely will need to sort and store the toys effectively, so as to be available when needed and also take the minimum space possible. Dog Toy Boxes designed to store dog toys to the rescue. We discuss the best 5 dog toy boxes below.

Gimars Easy Carrying Dog Toy Box

Weighing just 1.05 pounds, this toy box by Gimars is the perfect fit for your household.The box is equipped with carry handles for ease in moving. Gimars dog toy box has proven to be long-lasting as it is made from sturdy jute. It also has a waterproof interior coat to prevent damage by wet toys. With the six plastic inserts that come with the box, it can be made to stand on its own. An adorable cartoon design at the front also adds to its appeal. Worthy of mention is the fact that it comes in two sizes and is easily collapsible, in the event of storage.

Dog toys need dog toy boxes
Dog toys need dog toy boxes

Our Pets Dog Toy Box

Shaped in the form of a bone, our pets dog toy box serves more than required. You get to keep your dog’s toys out of the way and your dog will also enjoy retrieving its toys from a dog toy shaped like a bone. Our Pets Dog Toy Box weighs 3.2 pounds making it suitable for larger dogs.

The bone-shaped toy box, being made of non-toxic food-grade plastic, is especially suitable for dogs which can’t stop gnawing. Carry handles make the box easy to carry. Unlike many others on the list, the box also features a lid giving you control of when your dog gets to play with the toys. The box can be used to store or serve dog treats too since the plastic is food grade. Lastly, Our Pets Dog Toy Box is easily cleaned due to its smooth exterior.

Fawn Hill Co. Dog Toy Box

Fawn Hill Co. Dog Storage box is a medium sized box with TOYS written on the front in a fun font. The black font on the white cotton decor makes it fit seamlessly into any setting. The coton body is supported by an internal wire frame making it crumple-resistant. The size also means that you can keep a large amount of toys in a safe place. It also comes with heavy duty handles which makes moving easier. An added advantage is the fact is suitable not only for dogs, but also for your kids.

Use dog toy boxes
Use dog toy boxes

Natural Wood Dog Toy Box

Hand-made by SallyGristArtwork and sold on etsy, this dog toy box is made of polished natural wood making it long-lasting. Handles are shaped in the shape of dog bone, which makes moving easier. It also has a lid giving you control of when your dog gets to play with the toys. Little cracks in the design ensures the toys are properly aerated. You can also order this dog toy box with custom letterings on it.

Paws Prints Dog Toy Box

It Is especially attractive because of the fun designs on the exterior, featuring dog silhouettes and various commands in fun text. Its sturdy design prevents crumpling and its fabric exterior ensures easy cleaning. It also has handles made in the shape of dog bones. Lastly, the big size ensures it holds more dog toys.


Instead of allowing your dog’s toy to litter your house, you can just get a dog toy box. Your dog obviously needs quality, from the dog toys you buy it, to the toy box you store the toys in. Discussed are 5 of the best dog toy boxes available.

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