Dog Lovers Vs Dog Haters: The Most Divisive Topic

Dog Lovers Vs Dog Haters: The Most Divisive Topic

One of the most divisive topics in the Dog Lovers and Dog Haters world is the question of how to train a dog. Each camp focuses on a different way of training and showing obedience to commands. These camps have valid points but often conflict with each other.

Both dog lovers and dog haters share a love for their pets. Both go to great lengths to care for their dogs. They share the same goal of having a dog that is obedient and has good manners. So, I would expect there to be some common ground.

What Should The Dog Lovers Know

But, where the lines are drawn will vary. Some dog lovers will argue that it is wrong to teach a dog to be aggressive, even if it is a puppy. They say that they should wait until the dog is an adult before they start training that behaviour.

The dog haters will claim that aggression in a puppy is their right, even if it is wrong. They believe that it is a way to show dominance in the household. That is why they are so exercised about the dog lovers who will not train an older dog.

I think that both dog owners and dog haters are correct in their ideas about the nature of the relationship between owner and dog. It is not always easy to make a dog obey.

Some Facts About Dogs That Dog Lovers Should Know

If you ask a dog owner, “Do you want your dog to obey your every command?” They are likely to answer “Yes”. And, if you ask, “Will you allow a trained professional to train your dog?” The answer to both questions will vary.

Most dog owners understand the benefits of training their dog. They also know that it takes time. But, when it is time to go to training, they will probably find a professional that they trust, who can make the training fun and memorable. The professional is the one who can use the best of dog training methods and inspire the dog to respond positively.

Dog lovers will have the opposite experience. They will learn that the best approach to training a dog is fun and entertaining. The dog will listen more and will be more willing to obey the commands you give. It is the dog lover who is going to be happier.

Dog Lovers Vs Dog Haters: The Most Divisive Topic
Dog Lovers Vs Dog Haters: The Most Divisive Topic

Use A Firm Tone Of Voice

Of course, dogs are not perfect, and sometimes they will need a little extra coaxing. At those times, the dog lover needs to use a firm, but the loving tone of voice. They will know that he or she is loved and that he or she is wanted.

The dog haters on the other hand, can tell that their dog is being taught wrong lessons and will try to change them. The dog lover should never argue with the haters.

The lessons the dog is learning are fine, and in fact, the dogs need to be corrected, to keep them in line. But the dog owner should be sure that the corrections are brief and do not irritate the dog. The dog knows that his or her behaviour is wrong, but he or she does not know how to get it corrected.

Bottom Line

So, as we all realise, neither dog lovers for dog haters are wrong. Dogs need to be trained to live peacefully with us. Both camps have valid points, and they can have some interesting conversations on this topic.

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