Dog Lice Treatment: The Best Remedies For Lice

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There are quite a few reasons why dog lice infestation can occur. Some of the reasons are generally due to excessive grooming, allergies, allergies caused by carpet or clothes, and lice can also be caused by eating certain foods. To keep your dog free from these insects, there are remedies for lice that you can use at home.

Remember, using a treatment that is too strong can lead to aggravation for the dog, particularly when bathing or grooming the dog. Therefore, the remedies for lice for the dog should be mild. Here are some dog lice remedies that you can try at home:

Dog lice are parasites that attach themselves on the scalp of the dog. These parasites will feast on the dog’s blood and will grow in size until they can survive on the dog’s skin alone. When the lice are healthy, they will cause no harm to the dog.

Your dog may not show any signs of lice during the summer when the weather is not as humid as it is during the winter. However, a louse infestation should not go unnoticed, especially if your dog does not seem to like baths. An infestation of lice could also be caused by dog allergies or an allergy caused by clothes, carpets, or other materials.

Dog Lice Treatment: The Best Remedies For Lice

If you see lice, your dog may have the symptoms mentioned above. Your dog may start to show signs of fatigue and lack of energy. It may also start scratching its head constantly or make a little noise when it runs around. This is normal behavior for your dog.


Lice are usually black, brown, or white and are about one-half inches long. They can grow to almost four inches long. The lice have a mouth containing tiny teeth which they use to suck blood from the dog. They are thus tiny compared to human hair, but the Lice can be very thick as well.

While they can be harmful to your dog, the symptoms of dog lice can also lead to severe reactions if the dog does not get treatment. One thing that your vet will tell you is that there is no specific way to treat them; in fact, there is no particular treatment for lice at all. All that you can do is to prevent them from growing in the first place.

Prevention can mean several things and this includes avoiding shampooing of the dog. Taking the dogs out for long car rides or walks can easily spread the lice to them. By keeping the dog inside and away from other animals that might carry the lice, the chances of them coming into contact with other dogs is much lower.

Other methods include vacuuming the pet hair on the carpets and mats in the house, washing the carpets thoroughly, and also taking the dog outside. Lastly, removing any sort of dandruff can also help remove the hair.

As for treatments for the dog, there are several products that you can purchase to apply to the dog. Shampoos with petroleum-based ingredients are the most popular for dogs. Products with permethrin are also commonly used. Permethrin products have been proven to kill the eggs of the lice and to stop their movement to other parts of the body.

Dog Lice Treatment: The Best Remedies For Lice


Fortunately, there are also treatments that are made for home use. For example, these treatments include shampoo, dog mites treatments, dog lotion, and more. You may want to take a look at your local department store and check out a couple of these products. You can also ask the veterinarian for advice or the best treatment for your dog.

Lice are often associated with warm and moist environments. This is why a shampoo with active ingredients can be beneficial since these products can help control the spread and prevent new ones from building up.

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