Dog Grooming: How To Groom Your Dog

Dog Grooming: How to Groom Your Dog

It’s no secret that dog grooming is a very important part of any dog’s grooming regimen. Anyone who has a dog will tell you that getting your pet’s coat and skin clean and brushed often isn’t easy. Whether your dog is a younger dog or an older dog, they all need to be groomed on a regular basis.

Those with dogs of all ages and breeds may be surprised to learn. Some breeds can have serious skin conditions such as skin allergies and infections due to improper grooming. There are certain breeds that are more prone to these types of problems. These include Labradors, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Toy Poodles.

What Should You Know About Dog Grooming

The amount of care a dog needs is determined by the type of breed, the size of the dog, the age of the dog, and the state of its health. Each dog is different, so it’s essential to determine what your dog needs and what type of care it requires. This is especially true of a dog that doesn’t have an established grooming routine.

Dog Grooming: How to Groome Your Dog
Dog Grooming: How to Groom Your Dog

Your pet’s coat is the first thing that people notice when they come into your home. You can begin to groom your dog’s coat by brushing it with a non-toxic brush or dousing it with hair gel and a good amount of baby shampoo. Lather up the brush thoroughly. Gently massage the coat with your fingertips to remove excess hair that might be clinging to your dog’s skin.

Once you’ve done this, start at the bottom of the coat and work your way up. Don’t forget to rinse off your dog in the sink with hot water to avoid drying out its coat. Rinse it out properly and rinse off all of the water that you have washed off of it.

Dog Grooming An Important Part Of The Regime

The next step is to clean the teeth of your dog with a good quality toothpaste and also brush the teeth of your dog. Do not forget to brush them gently because your dog’s teeth are its teeth most of the time. Remove the tartar from the teeth and replace it with sugar water and use a toothbrush to brush them until they are white and shiny. Once you’ve brushed the teeth, you can now begin the process of brushing the coat.

Start with the thickest part of the coat and start brushing it very gently with a medium-sized brush. Use an old toothbrush or even simply a soft towel to dab at the spot. The fur has been picked and then roll the brush through it. Brush from side to side, brushing from bottom to top.

You can use a brush as long as it’s not overly tight. Once you have brushed the coat, you can move onto the inside of the coat. If the coat is long and full, you can continue working your way down, brushing in three-inch sections. Keep going until the fur is completely brushed off of your dog.

Dog Grooming: How to Groom Your Dog
Dog Grooming: How to Groom Your Dog

Brushing The Coat Of Your Dog

Once you have finished brushing the coat, you can apply the rest of the baby shampoo to the skin around the ears, nose, and mouth. Do not apply any oil directly to the skin, though. Apply the rest of the baby shampoo using a Q-tip or tissue and then carefully brush through the hair to remove dead hairs.

Once you have finished applying the dead hairs and dry shampoo, rinse off your dog with warm water and then scrub the coat with an Emery board that’s made for that purpose. Rub it through the coat from bottom to top until you have removed all of the dead hairs and dead skin cells.

Once you have finished brushing the coat, you should take the special dog grooming brush you purchased for your dog and start grooming the body. You can buy a specialized body groomer for your dog if you want to be more thorough or if you just want to remove knots and other problems that may be caused by improper grooming. The groomer will remove the dead hairs and show you how to give the coat a nice shiny finish.

Bottom Line

Dogs grooming is a great way to keep their skin and coat looking their best. Every dog owner knows that no dog looks their best when they look dirty and with regular grooming, their dogs will be able to look their best.

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