Different Levels Of Petco Dog Training

Petco Dog Training

Petco Dog training is an American pet retailer known as ‘PETCO’ in the United States, which sells some live pets, pet products, and services. Petco sells live pets including birds, fise=hes, reptiles, pigs, hamsters, and mice for adoption. Petco does not sell any dogs and cats, but they are known for providing services like grooming and training to dogs and other animals. According to a report of 2017, the company has around 1,500 in the United States and Mexico. Petco also helps you find the perfect equipment for your dogs, like harness, collars, and leash, which suits your dog’s personality.

Different Levels Of Petco Dog Training

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Petco dog training helps you know your dog more and build a healthy and long relationship with your dog. It also helps your dog to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For this, they have various exercises and tasks to keep your dog engaged in the surroundings and with other dogs.

Level One

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The first level of Petco dog training session will be an introductory session of 6 weeks for your 2-4 months old puppies. In the initial session, your puppies will learn about the basics, which include potty training. Your dog will learn socializing and preventions from chewing stuff and digging the ground.

Level Two

Level two of the Petco dog training session will be six weeks for your 4-6 months old puppies. At this level, the training will expand a bit from the basics. This session will be based on your pet’s overall behavior and some fun game activities, including some water activities.

Level Three

Level three of Petco dog training is for adult dogs of more than eight months, and this session will be for six weeks. In this session, the dog will be establishing better communications with their pet parents, and the pet parents will be able to understand their dog’s undesirable behavior of jumping, barking, and digging.

Level Four

Level four of the Petco dog training session will be the last session, also known as the graduation session. This session will be for six weeks for adult dogs. In this session, your dog will go through complex training where the trainers will train him for distracting situations and their physical and mental stimulation training.


Petco dog training provides your dog in an environment where they can learn necessary behavior and physical, mental, emotional development altogether. Not only training, but it also includes grooming of your pet and toys and equipment they need. You can also get a pet for adoption from Petco. Petco Dog training not only trains your dog but only helps you to understand their emotions better. Petco’s cost can go from $99 to $120, although they sometimes run a unique program where you can get it for only $80 per plan.

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