Diamond Naturals Dog Food Reviews

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They are made of premium quality ingredients and meet the highest standards. They are specially formulated by a registered veterinarian to ensure complete safety.

This premium dog food brand is a good choice for dogs with health problems like joint and hip dysplasia. It contains Vitamin E and other antioxidants that promote natural healing and repair. Added superfoods, like lamb, bison, and chicken liver, give your dog the energy and growth factors that your pet needs to remain energetic and fit. Guaranteed daily doses of Selenium and Vitamin E make sure that your pet is getting optimal antioxidant nutrition, while the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help keep your pet’s skin smooth and shiny.

Chicken And Rice

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Chicken and rice are another one of Diamond Naturals dog foods favorite ingredients. With its fatty acids, this food is good for improving circulation and metabolism. It also keeps the intestines moving along so food does not sit too long in the stomach. A crunchy, medium-grain texture is created with chicken, rice and wheat proteins to create a tasty treat that your pet will love. No salt is used.

This premium food brand uses quality ingredients to bring you tasty treats every time. A combination of sweet potatoes, sweet peas, brown rice and corn is a delicious mix. To add flavor, chicken meal, dried fruit and vegetables are added. The lamb meal is a good source of protein and is a great source of amino acids. Whey is another ingredient that provides a low calorie, high quality product. Whey is a good source of calcium and phosphorus, which are two important minerals to help maintain good bone health.

The Sweet Potato Formula

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The next in the Diamond Naturals dog food line is the sweet potato formula. This healthy mix of beef, brown rice and sweet potato provides an energy boost for active dogs. The beef and sweet potato combination provides your pet with the vitamins needed to avoid problems with diarrhea or constipation. The beef and sweet potato formula also contains BCAAs to protect against developing cancer and help keep the immune system strong.

The third in the Diamond Naturals line of premium foods is their chicken and beef blend. They combine the best meats for your canine friend. The combination is made with premium human grade ingredients that provide a balance of quality, protein and essential fatty acids for maximum benefits. Their human grade beef and chicken ingredients are derived from human-grade chicken and cow blend with the highest standards. These ingredients are a complete and balanced protein and provide a rich, balanced nutrition your beloved pooch can enjoy for a long, happy and healthy life.

The Salt Formula

The last part of this highly popular Diamond Naturals dog food is the salt formula. They use a complex blend of natural flavorings to create a unique flavor with no added salt, sugar or calories. By using only natural flavors such as garlic, onion, dill and Cayenne they help to keep your dog healthy while still providing an excellent flavor. By using these healthy but delicious recipes you will provide your pet with a well-balanced diet free from excess calories and salt.


All Diamond Naturals dog food products contain a variety of protein and mineral blends for healthy, happy pets. They also contain a variety of premium, human-grade ingredients. Many of these ingredients are derived from healthy, organic sources with high nutritional value. And, all of these ingredients work together to provide the maximum nutritional benefit for your pooch.

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