Cooking Your Dog’s Food At Home

homemade dog food

Raw foods also have a higher risk for parasites, bacteria, fungus and other disease-causing organisms. Even though most commercial pet foods are nutritionally incomplete and do not meet nutritional requirements for healthy dogs, homemade food can still be a healthy choice. Here are some tips that can help you make homemade dog food.

Try to opt for fresh and whole foods instead of processed or frozen. Processed foods are packed, preserved and changed with every passing day. Whole foods, on the other hand, contain the essential nutrients in their natural state. These nutrients may be lacking in commercial pet foods because they have been altered with the introduction of preservatives, coloring and flavors. Instead of relying solely on commercially available commercial dog foods, you can create healthy and good-for-your-dogs choices by making homemade dog food. Examples include fresh or whole beef, chicken, fish and vegetables.

Use Fresh Herbs

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Another tip for homemade dog food is to use fresh herbs. Although herbs may look bland, they are actually rich in vitamins and minerals and are excellent sources of dietary fibers. In addition, they are low in fat and calories. Fresh herbs may be used in soups, stews, casseroles and sauces. Herbs can also be included as ingredients in homemade dog food recipes.

To create a healthy and tasty homemade dog food, mix fresh lean beef with some fresh mixed vegetables. Other ingredients may include canned fruits (especially applesauce), ground turkey, dehydrated sweet potatoes and brown rice. Begin by mixing all the ingredients together and cooking them on medium heat. When the mixture becomes mushy, add a little water to make it moist enough to mix properly. Dehydrated sweet potatoes should be added while the meat mixture is cooking. Mix well until all the ingredients are completely incorporated.

Dehydrated Carrots

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Another homemade dog food recipe that will have your dog looking forward to dinner is one that includes dehydrated carrots, celery and potatoes in a food batch. The ingredients should be combined together in a shaker. Add water while the mixture is still at a boil. Cover the lid and shake to mix thoroughly. Then add a little bit of extra sweetener if desired.

Your pet’s health depends on you making sure that she has the right nutrition when she eats. There are a lot of people who are clueless about what kinds of carbohydrates and other items they should be adding to their dogs’ meals. If you want your pet to grow strong muscles and have long healthy hair, you need to start cooking meals that feature lean proteins and whole grains. If you want to help her keep her energy up throughout the day, start cooking her breakfast and snacks with high-fiber carbs such as fresh fruit and vegetables. By incorporating these kinds of ingredients to her homemade dog food recipes you can help her live a healthier life.

A Little Bit Of Protein

For example, one of the best ways to keep her energetic is to include a little bit of protein in her meals. If she doesn’t already have some, try buying a bag of high-quality protein supplements. You can also try cooking her some short grain rice with some dried fruit or some instant pot roast.

A baked potato is another good option for a pet that needs some extra energy during the day. By mixing these things in with some dry oatmeal, you can easily create an easy homemade dog food meal that your pooch will love.

Final Words

Just like prescription diets, making your dog’s meals at home is a very smart idea. Not only will you be keeping your pet safe, but you will be able to control many of her common health problems. And if you choose healthy recipes, you can even help her live a longer and happier life. Talk to your vet today about what kind of healthy recipes you can use in your daily life and in your dogs’ lives.

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