Choosing The Best Dog Training Shock Collar For Your Pet

dog training shock collar

Dog training shock collars are utilized for a variety of purposes in terms of behavioral corrections for your pet including their constant barking or even controlling their boundary area. But their extensive use isn’t a very controversial issue, since they might cause either permanent damage to your dog or simply psychological and emotional by continuously stressing them out and making them aggressive. Most dog trainers agree that in the end, a dog training shock collar is more of a preventive measure than a corrective one. So, let’s discuss how a dog training shock collar works and what are its main benefits?

Two Major Goals In Using A Dog Training Shock Collar

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There are two major goals in using a dog training shock collar when correcting unwanted behaviors. First, it aims to control excessive barking and second, to curb the negative behaviors associated with other unwanted behaviors like chewing, digging and even jumping on people. Most dogs bark when they want and it is considered as normal dog behavior. However, there are those who cannot control their excessive barking and they behave aggressively and unpredictably without any logical reason.

How Do Shock Collars Work?

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They are activated by responding to the vibration of a device placed around the dog’s neck. A small electrical charge is passed through this vibration and sends a corrective signal that usually includes a mild electric shock or a spray of a citrus-like liquid which usually distracts the dog and he stops his inappropriate behaviors. But in some cases, it doesn’t have any effect at all and your dog continues to bark unnecessarily. If you are going to use a shock collar for behavioral correction, it is recommended to use a remote training collar rather than an electronic type since the shock produced is too strong and can cause damage to the throat or soft skin of your dog.

Tips To Find Best Dog Training Shock Collar

First, it is important to find out what collar is best suited for your dog. The three categories are the entry-level, intermediate and advanced collars. The entry-level collar is usually effective for mild to moderate cases of inappropriate behavior. This type of collar provides limited correction and is usually cheap. For effective training, it is not advisable to use an entry-level collar on your trainee since it is more effective if used on the intermediate level.

The second type of dog training shock collar is the Patpet. It is similar to the former but has a water-resistant receiver. This trainer also has a sprayer attached to the device and is best suited for moderate to severe cases of barking and chewing. Like the first type, this trainer is also relatively inexpensive.

On the other hand, the latest model of a dog collar that you can buy today is called the XBox Shock Collar. This model is different from the previous models since it emits a pulse and produces static correction by means of infrared beams. These beams are sent to the dog’s brain through the transmitter. The transmitter has two receivers and the transmitter and its receivers are both waterproof to protect them from being damaged in case of extreme temperature changes. Aside from the fact that this model is shock resistant, this dog collar is also designed to give the dog a range of motion and is more effective at training purposes.

Final Thoughts

Finally, there is the M2 Red Dot Sight which is able to pinpoint targets up to a distance of 330 yards. This sight allows you to train your dog to locate and mark their targets using red dots in a clear and visible sight. The receiver of this sight has a voice activation feature, which is able to identify various commands such as “sit” and “stay”. There are three training modes that include a voice activation mode, a vibration mode and a pattern detection mode.

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