Cane Corsos: What’s Good And What’s Bad

Cane Corsos: What’s Good And What’s Bad

Cane Corsos are dog breeds that outdoor all the mastiff dog breeds when it comes to speed, strength, dexterity, energy, and sense of escapade. It is a robust dog that requires its share of workout and personal interaction with a lot of companionship at the same time.

These dogs live for their families and might become destructive if they are left unattended for a very long time. They are trusting and friendly with strangers. They might become discerning and aloof as they grow, but provided they get proper social time.

Cane Corsos: What’s Good And What’s Bad
Cane Corsos: What’s Good And What’s Bad

Cane Corsos: Acceptable And Unacceptable Behaviors

They do not belong on the breed of fighting dogs, but aggression can still be a significant problem with these dogs. These dogs to be socialized thoroughly with the other dogs from a very early age in order to show acceptable behavior.

They are more responsive and attentive to their owners in comparison to other mastiffs. These dogs can be strong-willed and dominant at the same time, but they respect their owners if they are consistent and confident.

Water Splashes Are Highly Enjoyed

The Cane Corso has tighter skin in comparison to the other mastiffs. These dogs do not drool a lot. While there are some that like digging holes, others will enjoy water splashes in mud holes and ponds. They even like to enjoy splashes of water in water bowls and lawn sprinklers. For the kind attention of the interested owners, these dogs might not be the perfect breed for demanding housekeepers.

What About Socialization?

As is the case with all the different mastiff breeds, socialization is one of the essential requirements for promoting the right temperament in a Cane Corso. A thing to ponder on is that many individuals are breeding these dogs in a very irresponsible manner. This is further making way for an aggressive and unstable lot of Cane Corsos that can pose a threat to innocent individuals.

What’s Good And What’s Bad About Cane Corsos?

To take it in another way, we will have a look at how these dogs can be good for some owners and how they can be bad for the others. The Cane Corso would be the perfect dog breed for you if you like dogs that are:

  • Powerful and massive
  • Quite and calm indoors
  • Have short and easy-to-take-care of coat
  • Make imposing watchdogs
  • Self-assured and serious with strangers
  • Mild-mannered in dealing with strangers
  • More athletic, energetic, and responsive to exercises and training.
Cane Corsos: What’s Good And What’s Bad
Cane Corsos: What’s Good And What’s Bad

The Cane Corso would not be the right dog for you if you do not like dogs that are:

  • Huge and take up a lot of space in the car or the house.
  • Exuberant and rowdy when young.
  • Heavy and like sitting on their owner’s feet or leaning on their weight.
  • Destructive when left alone or bored
  • Aggressive towards strangers, children, and other animals.
  • Strong-willed and require confident owners to take their charge.
  • Drool and slobber.
  • Snort, snuffle, grunt, snore, and wheeze.
  • Suffer from gassiness.
  • Bound with legal liabilities.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can certainly avoid some negative traits in a Cane Corsos by training it in the right way.

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