Blind Dog Accessories- Help Your Blind Fur Friend

A dog standing in front of a brick building

If your dog has a hereditary disease or develops SARDS suddenly, he can still live life to the fullest.

When discovering his environment on a deeper level, he’ll need extra security to stay safe from dangers.

And your own house has its fair share of edges, corners, and stumbling blocks. He has no idea where his food or water is kept or whether the doors are shut or open.

You’d be surprised how helpful these aids will be for blind dog  in everyday life.

These blind dog items have been carefully chosen to provide a stable base for your dog’s wellbeing and enjoyment.

Muffin’s Halo

A small dog playing with a toy

When wearing this adorable device, your blind dog will be able to navigate his surroundings and gain trust.

When walking against rough surfaces, the top ring serves as a shield to cover your dog’s head.

He’ll easily adjust his movements to the buffer effect and be able to walk around the house with more confidence.

The wings on your dog’s shoulders shift with him to provide cover in any situation without interfering with his ability to eat or sleep.

Blind Dog Harness

A cat lying on top of a table

Many dogs are shocked by unexpected touches because the other person is unaware that the dog is blind.

Other dog owners can easily approach or avoid your dog because the harness is clearly labeled on the front and sides.

It has adjustable straps around the girth and is nicely padded in the front for a comfortable fit. A  leash and collar which complement each other with embroidered words are also available.

Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats are a fun way to train your dog’s mind by allowing him to use his nose.

Pet Safe Drinking Fountain

It’s challenging to get the blind dog to drink.

Water bowls on the floor are vulnerable to being knocked over, and finding the liquid without eyesight is difficult. Any dog who refuses to drink will benefit from a water fountain.

While they usually are very silent, the sound of dripping water should be sufficient to direct your dog to the proper location.

Engraved Pet ID Tags

The perfect addition to your blind dog’s harness or collar is a dog ID tag. It’s based on the same warning concept and informing you of your dog’s disability.

However, the tag is much more valuable because you can engrave contact information and other messages on it if your blind dog becomes separated from you.

Pet QwerksTalking Babble Balls

This interactive ball communicates with your dog and begs to be chased or played with.

It responds to movement and comes with a variety of sounds and phrases. It’s a great way to keep your visually disabled dog busy, similar to the snuffle mat.

When the game is over, the ball simply turns off and waits for the next session to begin. 


Caring for a blind or visually impaired dog, the following items will assist your blind dog in mastering everyday activities and allowing him to get around safely and comfortably.

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