Basic Obedience Training For Dogs

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If you are wondering how to give basic dog training for obedience, then you can make use of some expert tips from professionals. To train and teach a dog to be obedient, a few basic commands can be very tough initially, especially when you are totally new to dog training and if you have just got a pup who is new to humans and human language. But teaching a few basic dog training commands can be quite helpful when tackling behavioral problems. Here are a few tips on how to train a dog.

dog training obedience
Dog training obedience

Dog Training Obedience

Sit Down

This is an easy command to your new pup. Here is how you can train a dog to sit.

  • Hold the treat in front of your dog’s nose.
  • Moving your hand upwards, let his head follow the treat.
  • Following the treat, he will get into a sitting position. At that time say, ‘sit’ and then give him the treat and show affection.

Repeat the steps a few times daily, until your dog learns how to sit with just a single command ‘sit’. Keep practicing this when you take your dog for walks, during mealtimes and when you want him to sit beside you.


This command can teach your dog to stay out of trouble and can bring him back to you if he has wandered. Here is how you can train a dog to come.

  • Put a leash with a collar on your dog’s neck.
  • Gently tell him to ‘come’ and pull the leash.
  • When he reaches you, give him the treat.
  • Repeat, until he knows that he has to come to you, with the command ‘come’, without you having to pull the leash.

Once he has learned this command, practice both ‘sit’ and ‘come’ together, to ensure that he remembers.

dog training commands
Dog training commands

Get Down

Getting down is a submissive posture and teaching your dog to get down can be tough. This is one of the prime commands in obedience training. Here is how you teach a dog to get down.

  • Find a good smelling treat, and hold it in your closed hand.
  • Hold your fist towards your dog’s nose and as he sniffs it, get your hand on the floor.
  • When he follows, say the command ‘down’ loudly and give him the treat

Repeat the command every day, until he masters it. You can use this command whenever your dog lunges towards you or your friends. You can just say the command to get him into this submissive position.


Stay command helps you tell your dog that he is supposed to stay wherever he is and not follow you. You should teach this command only once he has learned to sit. Here is how to train a dog to stay.

  • First command your dog to ‘sit’.
  • Next, open your palm and gesture him to ‘stay’, while speaking the word loudly.
  • Take some steps backward.
  • When he does not move, reward him with a treat.
  • Slowly increase the number of steps you move behind and finally, practice the same command by going off sight too.

Your dog may take some time to master this command. All these four basic commands can introduce your dog to training and slowly, you can introduce tougher words like ‘Leave it’, ‘go’, ‘bow’, ‘stand’, etc. These are some of the basic obedience training words your dog must know if you want it to be disciplined. Teaching these words at a younger age will be helpful as they learn faster and adapt to them easily.

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