American Journey Dog Food And Care Ideas You Should Know

american journey dog food

American Journey is an online retailer of pet foods and products. It is the house brand of and is the first foray of into selling their own pet foods. Ever since it has been launched, American Journey has created waves in the industry of dog foods by launching not only dry foods but also wet foods for dogs. The main reason behind the rising popularity of American Journey dog food is the fact that they stayed true to their words. They stick only to the natural ingredients and they make sure not to use wheat, soy, fillers, etc. in their dog food. 

American Journey Dog Food And Care – Essential Nutrients

Every American Journey dog food includes some of the nutrients that are good for a dog’s health. The very first nutrient is protein. It is one of the most important nutrients that are present in dog food. It not only provides energy to the dog but also supports the development of their muscles. They keep their bones healthier as well. The second important ingredient present is fiber. It helps dogs in the process of digestion by speeding the elimination. They reduce the symptoms of diarrhea too. Fat is also present in the dog foods manufactured by American Journey. However, the fat present in the food is good fat and it supports healthy fur. 

American Journey Dog Food And Care – Reviews 

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A lot of people have used American Journey dog food and they love the products manufactured by this company. The category of dry dog foods consists of a lot of ranges which include Grain-Free, Healthy Weight, and Brown Rice. All the products manufactured by the American Journey targets specific breeds of dogs, their weight, and their food preference as well. There are a variety of breeds of dogs that have difficulty in digesting grains and many other dogs have skin allergies which makes it difficult for them to consume food items that consist of wheat, legumes, or rye. Even dog foods for these dogs are made available by the company.

American Journey Dog Food And Care – Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe 

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This is one of the favorite American Journey dog food of dogs. It is because this has an exceptional flavor. The fish present in the recipe provides the dogs with good fat and DHA. They help in the proper development of their eyes and brain. This item also consists of high levels of protein along with crude fiber, crude fat, and moisture. 


American Journey dog food has become one of the bestsellers when it comes to dog food because of the promising quality and good flavor. It also manufactures items according to the dog breeds, sizes, weights, and food preferences. A lot of recipes of dog food manufactured by them are available in the markets. You might want to consider consulting a veterinarian before you proceed with any food items for your dog. You should also be careful while purchasing a food item to make sure it suits the breed you have, which would again be efficient if you work to consult an expert.

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