Amazing Facts About Corgi Puppies

Amazing Facts About Corgi Puppies

CORGI means “DWARF DOG” IN Welsh.  Corgi Puppies are cute, smaller in size, compact, and smart. But there are some amazing facts about these adorable little dogs.

1. Two Different Breeds Of Corgi Puppies.

There are two types of Welsh corgis breeds, one is known as the Pembroke Welsh corgi, and the other is Cardigan Welsh corgi. The two breeds are entirely different and evolved from different ancestors. The similarity and resemblance are due to crossbreeding done in the 19th century.  

Small differences can separate the two breeds.  The easily identifiable difference is that the Cardigan Welsh corgis have a tail while Pembroke does not have a tail. Pembroke generally has pointy ears .

2. The Older Breed Is Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

The corgis were brought by warrior tribe of Celts, Wales around 1200 BCE. This Corgi breed was a Teckel family member of dogs and one among the oldest breeds.

Amazing Facts About Corgi Puppies
Amazing Facts About Corgi Puppies

3.  Pembroke Welsh Corgis Origin.

This corgi breed origin date was not known but believed to be 1107 CE when Flemish weavers migrated to Wales. The crossbreeding of Spitz-type dog Cardigan corgis results in the production of the Pembroke Welsh corgis.

4. The Two Breeds Registration.

The two different breeds of corgis were registered as same in 1929. It creates unrest among dog lovers. In various dog events and shows, this leads to fighting. After nearly a decade of the fight, the breeds were distinguished and registered separately in 1934.

5. Corgis Used As Herders.

The Welsh peoples used these smaller dogs as herders. In those days, there were no fences, and cattle’s were herd together. To separate them, these corgis were tied on their legs.

6. Fairies Ride Welsh.

It believed that corgi is a dog which was loved and ride by fairies and elves. At night the magical fairies and other creatures use these dogs for battle. According to Welsh legends, the marks on a corgi’s coat suggest that they were used by elves.

Amazing Facts About Corgi Puppies
Amazing Facts About Corgi Puppies

7. Royal Family Love For Corgi.

Queen Elizabeth II has great love for corgis and had more than 30 corgis. The last two corgis named—Whisper and Willow—have died recently.

8. Corgis Used To Predict Name.

In 2015, when Prince William and Kate Middleton were awaiting their second child, Gambling company Ladbrokes used corgis to predict the name of their child. The launched an ad featured corgis wearing vests having a different prediction of names in a race.

These are the cutest dog breed one can have in his fleet. They are loved by the Royal family and England Queen Elizabeth. These are some of the amazing facts about Corgis which help you to bring them home. These are older dog breed. They are smarter and intelligent. They were favourite among Welsh peoples. The amazing dog breed you can have at your home so that you and your kid can have fun with them. These are quite an expensive breed one can afford.

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