All That You Need To Know About How To Train A Dog

A dog standing on top of a grass covered field

Some people love to have pets as their friends and family. While most people adopt these pets like dogs and cats, there are very few who are equipped with the know-how of how to train a dog. Many different activities can be used to train your dog, there are also trainers and people available to help you meet your requirements. Not only activities are available but also there are many toys and equipment which can aid you in these training sessions. Thus, through this article, we will be looking at some of these activities and tools.

Major Commands

A person and a dog in a field

From basic to very complex activities, there are several activities that you can teach your dog. But there are a few of them which are mandatory for your dog to learn. These are five in number and make the base for dog training. These include,

  • Sit: Sit is the first and basic one to prepare your dog for harder commands.
  • Come: This is another very important command for when you lose the leash or your front door remains open.
  • Down: This is one of the most typical commands to teach your dog. As dogs don’t like to be submissive.
  • Stay: This can be very confusing if your dog has not mastered the Sit command.
  • Leave It: This is important for your dog to learn so that you can protect them from reaching out to things that might be dangerous.

Major Steps

A dog standing on grass

While we mentioned some major commands, now we will look at some of the major steps that should be taken.

  • Illustration of the command. This is necessary for you to let your dog understand what you want them to do. Illustrating it will help them learn better.
  • Show them their treat. It will be like getting appreciated to be able to achieve what you commanded them. This will be a treat for their good work.
  • Show Some Excitement. Whenever your dog does the required, show a lot of excitement for the first few times. These are little things that are important for your dog to feel appreciated.
  • Practice is the key. You shouldn’t stop it once you think that they achieved your command, but the key is practice, you should keep on practicing otherwise your dog might forget the commands.


At last, it’s time to conclude the article. So, we have seen how one can train their dogs and what steps should be taken to train them. Dogs are themselves considered to be smart animals but still, some things are required to be trained for some basic commands which can be furthered to complex ones. It’s not about commanding, rather it is about how integrated these commands are in your dog.

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