All About Your Dog’s Food And Earthborn Dog Food

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A pet dog is not a simple animal; it becomes similar to your child. For this dog, you have some responsibilities which can give a healthy lifestyle to your dog. Though a dog can’t express its choices through words. But they also have some liking and disliking in food items like us. They like to eat oatmeal, cooked chicken, Salmon, peanut butter, green beans, carrots, eggs, cheese, Apple, pumpkin, etc. These all foods consist of Vitamins, Proteins, Calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids, etc. These foods can keep your dog active and happy.

The Foods Which Are Bad For Your Dogs

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You may try to provide your dog the best food, whatever it likes. Certainly, everyone

wishes good health for their dogs. But there are some foods that are proven bad and

harmful for dogs. You must know about it. The first is chocolate. Though chocolate is an item which is included in our daily food habits. But the chocolate is toxic for your favorite dog. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Bacon, heavy meats, and excessively salty foods are strictly harmful to dogs. Salt has a component called sodium ion poisoning, and this is too unhealthy for the dog. It can cause many health issues for your dog. Though we all love to take grapes and raisins. But it’s dangerous for dogs’ health. Grapes and raisins are the reason for the renal fault in your dogs. Avocados also are toxic for dogs. Over sugary items can cause excessive vomiting of dogs. Raw fish or meat is also restricted for the dog. As they can’t digest the raw items properly. And for this, they have to face numerous health hazards.

Why Nutrition Is Needed For Dog With Earthborn Dog Food

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A human being needs proper nutrition for the development of height, weight, and brainpower. So that they take nutritional foods, supplements, and many more. Likewise, the animal-like dog also demands nutrition for its growth. The variety of protein, vitamins, minerals, fat, and carbohydrates in adequate proportion is necessary for dogs. If a dog can’t be provided sufficient nutrition, its muscles, teeth, bones can’t be strong enough. They also need good food to flourish their brain. So to get an active and healthy puppy, you must have to feed them good food.


A dog is the most faithful animal as a pet. So that as an owner, you also have to take care of your dog with your best.

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