A Few Best Family Guard Dogs

Guard Dogs

What are the guard dogs? We have all seen Guard Dogs, but not in such large numbers as they are used in today’s world.

A guard dog can be a good thing, it is just not always good for the dog. A dog trained to perform a task becomes destructive when left out of sight. In the wild, we would see dogs guarding and protecting their territory or pack, with a guard dog, we see a pet that refuses to go to the bathroom in the house.

This is a good dog, but we should not leave our family member home alone with this animal. Most dogs are not stubborn, if you are able to control them, they will comply. However, if the behavior is not corrected, they become destructive behaviors are never acceptable. Here are some suggestions for using guard dogs in the home.

The best family guard dogs should be reserved for serious or critical situations. Guards will protect a single family member, or it can guard two or more. While dogs guarding an only person, or other members of your family, can be a great idea, the same dog can become a problem when working in packs.

Guard Dogs:

When a family member or group of family members move away from the house, dogs trained to protect the person will become restless and excited. Guard dogs that are used in packs are only good in a pack.

As a pack, they will search for the person that has moved out of the home. If the group is made up of pets and small children, they will begin to bark, snap, and bite when no one is at home. When a person is away, they become inactive, ignore the presence of people, and do not come out of their hiding places when the doorbell rings.

Best Family Guard Dogs
Best Family Guard Dogs

A guard dog is a good thing, it should always be a family member that is trained for guard duty. When the person moves away, they should not be left alone with the dog. There should always be an adult that is trained to guard the home and to keep everyone under control.

This is a good idea for the adults to have an adult at all times, so they are ready when the kids or pets go away. Otherwise, the dogs are used in packs that have little regard for others. When adults are not available, they are used for night patrols, or guarding areas where there is a risk.

Know More:

Dogs trained to be guard dogs are great for big families. For a home with three or four kids, one person should be trained for this position.

If the person leaves the home to play, the dog should accompany them. This allows the dog to feel needed, and the owner to be with them. If the dog will be left alone, the person should have the dog trained for protection, and for patrol duty.

A Few Best Family Guard Dogs

While a dog trained to guard a single family member or group of family members is a major consideration, another factor is how that member feels when it is the family member. When a person that is responsible for guarding the home feels protected, and that he/she is loved, then he/she will be more likely to protect the rest of the family. This is how you should train the guard dog.

Using guard dogs for guard duty will help your family, while at the same time protect your home and the most important member of the family. Guard dogs can become a great asset to your family.

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