5 Simple Homemade Dog Toys For Your Dog

homemade dog toys

Are you looking for a good, creative way to keep your pet dog busy inside your home and away from your carpets and upholstered furniture? Are you interested in creating durable, soft, cuddly and squeaky doggy toys from soft fabric? Do you have many creative ideas for creating some of the hardest-to-break dog chew toys? Many of these ideas are given by many generous donors, too! One such fabulous idea is the fabric scraps from old baby clothes. We’ll talk more about fabric scraps later, but first let’s look at how to use your scraps.

Fabric scraps can be used to make many durable homemade dog toys. The key is to make sure that the fabric pieces are cut to the proper size before sewing them together to create the proper shape. To get started, gather up some fabric scraps: a few pairs of socks, an old pair of socks, two pairs of pants, an old sweater, a hat, old t-shirt or blanket, or several blankets. Scrutinize each piece thoroughly, checking for wrinkles or holes before starting to sew. This will ensure that your new toy will be sturdy enough to last a while.

Fabrics Is Wonderful For Making Homemade Gifts And Decorations

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Many dogs love to munch on fabric. Fabric pieces will provide plenty of exercise for your pooch, keeping him or her limber and happy while providing lots of entertainment for you! Fabric scraps are also wonderful because they are so soft and easy to work with. By snipping off pieces and adding them to the stuffing of the toys mentioned earlier, you can create fun and practical toys for your pups.

In general, fabric is wonderful for creating handmade gifts and decorations. Fabric scraps also make wonderful gifts for other occasions, including birthdays and Christmas. Your pooch will absolutely love his or her new stuffed toy! Another great idea for homemade dog toys is a teddy bear. Look in your craft box for some old clothing that the family no longer wears, such as old caps, socks, and shirts. These are easily found at garage sales or thrift stores and cheaply made.

Make A Collage Like Frame From An Old Sock

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Another idea for homemade dog toys is to use fabric pieces to make a collage like frame for an old sock. Cut off one end of the sock and lay it flat on the fabric. Using scissors, cut strips of fabric to fit along the entire length of the sock. Then, sew together the ends of the old sock. Use buttons or yarns to sew on a button to attach the collar to the puppy’s neck.

Puppies love to jump and have lots of fun with a ball. If you do not want to buy an expensive ball, then consider making your own. Get a large sheet of cardboard from your home improvement store and roll the ball between your hands. Add fabric pieces along the sides and bottom to make it fluffy and wadded up. Tie a piece of string or yarn with a rubber band around the ball and tape it to your pup’s back to keep him from jumping on the ball all over your house.

Other great homemade dog toys are socks and bottles. Socks can be made by cutting circular shapes out of baby socks. Use an old sock and cut holes for the eyes and nose. Fabric pieces can be sewed onto the sock to make it soft and squishy. Once you wash the old sock, just place it into the microwave for about 10 seconds to soften it up.

Bottom Line

One easy DIY rope ball that is perfect for older dogs is the soft and squishy old tennis ball. Make this simple ball by wrapping a tennis ball with cello-tape and an elastic band at the end. Fit the ends of the cello-tape together and then tie a piece of rope onto one end of the tape. Secure the ends with rubber bands.

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