5 Avoidable Foods Toxic To Dogs But Good For Humans

foods toxic to dogs

As people’s best friends, dogs do everything with us: walk with us, settle on the couch, play in the backyard, and ride in the vehicle. But don’t assume that the food which you eat will be safe for them too. Human food can be extremely dangerous for dogs, even the type of food that is perfectly safe for us.

Dogs have an unquenchable diet, and they don’t know when to take a pause. Some human foods, if taken in mild quantities, will be alright, but if taken in large quantities, then they will be foods toxic to dogs. In this piece of written blog, you will be reading about foods toxic to dogs but safe for humans. After reading the right content, you can easily take care of your four-legged companions.

Exclusive List Of Foods Toxic To Dogs That Are Safe For Human


Foods Toxic

The Amaryllidaceae family, whether cooked or raw, is especially a food toxic to dogs. The Amaryllidaceae family also includes onions and chives. They contain a compound called thiosulphate that destroys the Red blood cell and is fatal for dogs. This food can also cause anemia, and in severe cases, your dog needs a blood transfusion. Maybe symptoms do not occur instantly but can occur in a few days. Your dog has to go through gastrointestinal problems, and it will lead to diarrhea, vomiting. So always keep your dogs away from Garlic, Onion, and chives.


Foods Toxic

It may sound weird, but yes Chocolate is the most common food toxic to dogs. The main reason behind this is a compound called theobromine, It is an alkaloid that causes cardiac issues, internal bleeding, seizure, and central nervous system breakdown. They can also lead to kidney failure in dogs. Toxicity levels depend on the amount or size of Chocolate eaten by the dogs. Also, dark Chocolate, Unsweetened Chocolate, or Chocolate that contains a high amount of cocoa are extremely dangerous. So if your dog eats Chocolate, in the initial stage, it causes vomiting, diarrhea and it is time to consult your veterinarian immediately.

Macadamia Nuts

The nuts are not good for dogs, but macadamia nuts contain the maximum amount of toxins for dogs. The reason for this is still unknown by the veterinarian, but this nut can cause hyperthermia, weakness, vomiting, and loss of bodily function. Weakness, especially in the muscles that causes swollen limbs. Because of the higher presence of fat in macadamia nuts, it can also lead to pancreatic disease. It’sIt’s always better not to give the nuts to dogs, but if they eat it by mistake, then kindly consult your vets.


This food is extremely poisonous for your pets. Avocados consists of a compound called persin, which is present in avocado fruits, plants, and even in their seeds. Avocados are extremely dangerous foods toxic to dogs as after eating; this fluid will accumulate in dogs lungs and chest and make them harder to breathe. The accumulated fluid can also affect the heart, pancreas, and abdomen of dogs. Avocados seeds, if swallowed accidentally, can cause obstruction in the digestive system of the dogs. So never feed this food to your dog as it will lead them to a serious health issue.

Candy, Chewing gum, and Toothpaste

These products are purely safe for humans but not for your family dogs. They contain a compound called Xylitol that is a sugar alcohol. However, if your pet digested any candy, then it can go to hypoglycemia, and it will lead to a sudden blood pressure drop. The dogs can also face liver failure and death. Initial symptoms like vomiting, Diarrohea, difficulty in moving, seizures will show up within 30 min. of digesting Xylitol, so its time to see your vets immediately.


Dogs are one of the best friends to our mankind. They always take care of human beings by protecting them from outsiders concerning that. We can also protect them from toxic foods. Many foods toxic to dogs are safe and easy to consume for humans, so sometimes due to negligence, we feed them what we are having on our dining plate. But this negligence can cost your family the life of your best friend. So to make you aware, in this piece of writing, I have enlisted a few easily accessible foods to dogs that might cause them to suffer. Always keep them miles away from these foods so that your family and your dogs can stay together forever.

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