10 Most Luxurious Dog Accessories

Luxurious dog accessories

Dogs are the commonest pets. The special bond which develops between the dog and its owner is what gave birth to the saying “dogs are man’s best friend”. This special bond is also the reason why owners go out of their ways to make sure their dogs live in luxury, even if it means buying extra expensive accessories. Below, we discuss 10 most luxurious dog accessories.

Magniflex Gold-Thread Mattress: $2000-3000

Yeah, you saw that right. Magniflex now makes these glamorous mattresses for dogs. The handmade mattress is made out of gold, specifically covered with 22-karat gold threads. Why should you have your dog sleep on the rug or carpet when you can just purchase a $3000 gold mattress for the same purpose. The varying price is due to custom orders.

La Jeune Tulip Diamond Dog Pet Collar: $150,000

Selling at $150,000, La Jeune Tulip Diamond Dog pet collar proudly stands among luxury dog accessories there is out there. Only sold at the Posh Puppy Boutique, the collar has its centerpiece set with 1.52 carat diamond. It has a marquise-cut main diamond assorted with other hand-cut diamonds. Worthy of note is the fact that to ensure the dog’s comfortability, the dog pet collar is custom-made; only available on demand.

Puppy Tiara: $4.2 Million

Designed by a jeweler, Riwin Jirapolsek, for his pet, the puppy tiara was meant to show just how royal and stylish his pet was. First shown at a Bangkok dog show, the titanium-made tiara was crafted with 250-carat diamonds and emeralds. The tiara is however not meant for sale, but just to grace the head of the jeweler’s Maltese.

Luxurious dog accessories to get
Luxurious dog accessories to get

Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress: $6,600

Styling your dog gets better with the Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress sold by Posh Puppy Boutique. The dress is hand-made with bridal silk, ostrich feathers and then adorned with numerous Swarovski crystals, beads and pearls. The velvet lining inside prioritizes your dog’s comfort. The luxury gown is custom-made and costs $6,600

Swarovski Crystal Dog Bath: $6,695

Your dog’s hygiene is of utmost importance. Swarovski crystal dog bath serve many purposes; your dog gets its own bathing space, you avoid dog hair clogging your drain, you also get to show how much your pet means to you. Hand-placed crystals adorn this tub. The tub also comes in multiple colors with inspiration from 19th-century clawfoot style. You can get it from Posh Puppy Boutique.

Michel’s VIP Parfums: $4,000

This fancy unisex perfume, made especially for dogs, will make your dog smell royal. It’s time to say goodbye to the typical dog smell and bring out the rare scent of osmanthus coupled with sandalwood and vetiver on your dog. 

Two-Bedroom Dog House: $417,000

Housing your dog never comes more luxurious. With a retina scan entry system, climate control mechanism, 52 inch tv, automatic food and water dispensers, daybeds with regulated temperature and more, this dog house is all your dog needs to stay comfortable.

dog owners prioritize luxurious dog accessories
dog owners prioritize luxurious dog accessories

Amour, Amour Dog Collar: $3.2 Million

Well, every good thing comes at a price. Amour dog collar easily ranks among the most luxurious dog collars in the world. The hand-crafted collar is of 52-karat diamond, the strap of white gold crocodile leather, and also comes custom-fitted. Amour dog collar therefore costs $3.2 million, a small price to pay to ensure your dog styles in trending fashion.

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier: $58,000

Using the louis vuitton dog carrier is a luxurious and stylish way to transport your dog. Your dog also gets to look good and experience comfortability with the air vents, food and water dishes made into the $58,000 dog carrier.

Diamond Dog Harness: $10,000

Here you have a luxurious way to harness your dog. The diamond dog harness is made of stingray leather, lamb skin, 24-karat yellow gold, and also adorned with diamonds.


Your dog should live in luxury. This is why luxurious dog accessories exist. Popular brands have made numerous dog accessories to ensure your dog’s comfortability. Some other luxurious dog accessories do exist, but above are the top ten, arranged in no order.

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